How to play sound through tv and headphones

Hearing audio with TV speaker AND headphones at the exact same time

For a lot of TVs, the built-in speaker instantly mutes when you plug anything into its audio output port (AUX, RCA, Optical, etc.)Some TVs however, might give you the choice to play audio through both the TV"s inner speakers AND an external audio tool at the same time. 

This is a TV Feature - Some TVs have it, some don"t; even TVs under the very same brand also can have actually different outcomes for this matter.

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Getting audio from both your TV speakers and headphones simultaneously may be a bit complex, yet we"ll cover your options below.

Please attempt to adjust your TV settings or contact your TV manufacturer for more details.

Here is an instance of exactly how to adjust this establishing for the LG 55" LA6500. How to adjust audio settings on LG TV


If this doesn"t work, right here are a couple of various other feasible options:

Option 1: If you have a TV box (Roku, Xfinity, and so on.) or an AV Receiver connected to your TV, try to affix the transmitter directly to them instead of the TV. This approach fundamentally allows you to "go approximately " the TV"s built-in speakers.

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Option 2: Use an audio splitter / optical splitter to connect to the transmitter AND an exterior speaker (for instance, a sound bar) at the same time. 1) For AUX Output2) Use an audio splitter (e.g. TR302) to share the TV"s audio between an EXTERNAL SPEAKER and also the Transmitter. The splitter in this example is a 3.5mm audio splitter.

3) For Optical AUDIO OUT4) Use an optical splitter (e.g. J-Tech splitter) to share the TV"s audio between an EXTERNAL SPEAKER and also the Transmitter. The splitter in this example is a optical audio splitter.

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Option 3: Rerotate your present prodreduced and also consider purchasing Oasis Plus or Orbit or Opera or HT5009 or HT5006.Our sector leading "Bypass" function allows you to put the Transmitter between a TV AND an external speaker, and have audio come out from both devices AT THE SAME TIME.

If you choose Learning via Video, here"s a Video that reflects Option 3 in even more detail: