How to optimize system reserved windows 10

Just updated Windows 10 via April 1803 update. Now optimising doesn"t job-related properly. It scans D: drive and also then it skips on the 2 system booked drives. It no longer scans E: or c: drives.

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When I click the PERFORMANCE Tab and also pick Optimize Disk, it will run as normal but easily completes the task and also just provides the complying with message 4 times System Reserve Drive: Unobtainable. I am running Windows 10 latest Spring upday. Any principles on exactly how to resolve this?




According to this Microsoft site, system reserve drives are not intended to be optimized.

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Success constantly occurs in exclusive and failure in full check out.Windows 10 Pro 64 little bit 2004 N 360 Chrome latest variation.

All: I"m on Windows 10 Pro x 64 1803 / develop 17134.1 my disk optimization takes under 20 second. IF your HD is in good form and also has been doing a background run on a regular basis this is normal. The previous variation of W10 ran about the very same under the same circumstances.


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I"m not trying to manually optimise the system drives - if that"s what you think I"m doing. N360 provided to optimise all my drives without and difficulties. Now, since the April upday it checks D: then for some factor it now checks the mechanism drives and also given that it can not access them it stops. It no much longer even checks the others drives.

This is the method it worked prior to. However not I gain the display screen that would certainly usually say Complete yet it claims 4 lines of System Reserve Drive: Unaccessible. Still have actually the difficulty.

Mick, offers the indigenous Windows defragging/optimize function, so you might simply go to your Windows settings, Programs > Windows Administrative Tools and run optimize from tbelow.

Use the constructed in Windows optimization. That"s what provides, anymeans.

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Programs > Windows Administrative Tools and also run optimize from tbelow.

First of all, see his thread:

In my opinion we were still in conversation yet supposedly thought it crucial to close the thread and regard it as fixed.

Ok, so ultimately, as I realised that wasn’t going to fix this yet let the customers do so themselves I had nog various other choice than follow and also attempt Cock SRAM’s solution. I admit, finally, after countless restarts, I gained NS functioning appropriately aget, consisting of the existing backup feature. Most essential, the right-click conmessage food selection is ago.

However before, one issue stays, as proclaimed before and still unanswered:

Also I noticed an additional issue: drive optimization isn’t working properly anyeven more given that Windows 1803; physical drives aren’t recognized. Thus, the optimization feature will complete within a second. Haven’t checked out this stselection behaviour until 1803 update.

This still isn’t functioning.

Anyone else having this problem?

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Re: optimisation not functioning after windows 10 update

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Alex, the forums itself automatically closes a thread once tbelow hasn"t been any type of posts for over 30 days. In that thcheck out the original poster selected the article that solved his problem. or admins had actually nopoint to execute through the solution being selected Just an FYI, its not intent on any admin. The solution was discovered in this comment:

drive optimization isn’t functioning effectively anyeven more since Windows 1803; physical drives aren’t well-known. Therefore, the optimization attribute will certainly complete within a 2nd. Haven’t viewed this starray behaviour until 1803 upday.

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This is a totally separate worry from the original posting in the link you provided therefore the correct response would certainly be to begin a new thread right here. As you have actually done.


If your boot drive is in good wellness the shave the right to takes a reasonably brief time. System reserved drives are omitted as is just involved with the health and wellness of the boot drive. Windows will certainly take care of various other physical drives within its settings.