How to open wmv on iphone

What is .wmv format?

.wmv is the abbreviation of Windows Media Video, which is a kind of video format and created by Microsoft and also designed for Net streaming applications. Since of its features of high-top quality with high compression, it has become among the many favorite and well-known video formats around the civilization. Based on that, a devoted player is compelled for its playago such as “Windows Media Player” from Microsoft. However, the iPhone holders generally face a difficulty that is not permitted to carry out when they gain a .wmv format video and try to play it directly under the distinct and also closed Apple Ecosystem, which is just sustaining the video playing on the video styles of .mov and .mp4 directly.

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Then, a question appears: How have the right to I play the .wmv videos on my iPhone?

Don’t Worry, tright here will be presenting a few approaches about exactly how to play the .wmv videos on iPhone for you.

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Method 1: Play .wmv Videos on your iPhone utilizing Functional Video Player.

As a smart mechanism, Apple uses users’ ideal to download applications from the third-party to reach some objectives if they market the easily accessible versions on Apple’s ecomechanism.

Thus, if your preference is mobile phone just and you execute not choose to use a computer system, this is a great alternative.

The actions are basic and downloading any kind of other application on your iPhone:

Open your App Store, and revolve to the search page, then form the name of the application you desire to search or appropriate keywords in the search field like “Windows media player”. Then you will certainly acquire a listing page of the target application, select the application you want, click the “GET”.

Additionally, you may face an iPhone account secure identification for the download such as a password or fingerprint and also confront recognition.

To carry out you the a lot of suitable .wmv player, we about tested some of the renowned .wmv players in the iPhone’s App Store and got the adhering to recommfinished players.

However before, the iPhone application is additionally meaning that the .wmv format videos should be placed in the iPhone or could be accessed with the iPhone. Otherwise, it is important to carry the videos right into your iPhone from various other locations. In addition, that will occupy your iPhone’s virtual memory.

As such, if you carry out not want to execute this import process or the virtual memory is not sufficient, the VLC Streamer Lite will be one more option for you.

VLC Streamer Lite gives a possibility for individuals to play and watch videos from your COMPUTER on your iPhone. But it forced installation of helper on your COMPUTER, and also the application only works under the case when the application and the PC’s Helper are both introduced under the same WI-FI link.

An omelet cannot be made without breaking eggs, the multi-functional video player usually interprets the one-of-a-kind video format with the built-in encoder to attain the result of direct play, which suggests it will certainly occupy the majority of ram at runtime, yet various from the computer, the mobile phone as a portable tool, its assorted configuration is far reduced than the computer.

In other words, when the taracquire gadget is a mobile phone once running a multi-attribute video player to play a one-of-a-kind video format prefer .wmv format video, your phone good fluency might be decreased. The high RAM consumption is frequently bring about sluggish the loading of the videos, the difficulties of the jam and in influence once play videos, and also the application crashes.

Tips: RAM is the running memory of a machine, which is an essential part to determine and assistance the maximum capacity of a device that deserve to be operated at the very same time. So much, the iPhone’s maximum RAM is only 4GB, and the RAM iPhone 8 is still 2GB.

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Method 2: Open .wmv on iPhone by Converting format.

Based on potential problems that could exist from the last approach, the second technique around how to play .wmv video on your iPhone is making use of Converter. By operating the target video papers on the computer, you can transform the video format to the video styles sustained by the iPhone, such as .mp4 and .mov. Finally, you simply have to transport that right into the iPhone to play it directly via the integrated video player.

The complying with will certainly usage the example of the Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate, one of the a lot of wildly provided Video format convariation tool, to teach you just how to convert the .wmv video into the particular format iPhone compelled and also play it on your iPhone.


When every little thing is all set, click “Convert” on the best or “Convert All” on the bottom appropriate of the routine and also the convariation will start. Then you will certainly obtain the iPhone format videos.

Tips: As one of the many powerful format convariation tools, Aiseesoft Video Converter uses even more than a full variety of multi-format video conversions. It also has a number of additional features to select from in the time of the conversion process, such as including subtitles and also wirelessly delivering records to your mobile gadget.

Phase Three: Import Converted Videos into your iPhone

When you gain the converted .wmv format videos as the equivalent format and also desire to play it on your iPhone, the last phase is you need to use the tool to import it right into your iPhone.

The many easy and also prevalent strategy is to usage the iTunes on your computer system to synchronize video papers to your iPhone, but that means the videos on the computer system and also mobile phone video will all synchronization. otherwise, you can choose some famed iTunes Alternatives to complete the import, such as Switch Mobile Transfer, iCareFone and also EaseUS MobiMover.

Once you’ve effectively imported the converted .wmv videos, you have the right to play it on your iPhone without scruple.

Tips: There are many comparable converters on the network-related but at leastern ensure whether the goal convariation tool is obtainable for your computer system device favor macOS and Windows and also whether it have the right to assistance to transform .wmv styles to forced .mp4 video or .mov format.

Method 3: One-Click to Transcode and Transfer the .wmv videos to your iPhone.

When it concerns video imports, it’s important to cite some interesting video transfer software could be counted as the third method for iPhone individuals to play videos in .wmv format, such as EaseUS MobiMover.

That is a transfer tool allowing the file transmission between the Apple’s mobile devices and also computers, yet what’s amazing around it is that it’s different from simple transmission tools in that it supports straight transporting the unsupported-styles of iPhone prefer .wmv to your iPhone and immediately converting them into the sustained playback styles.

Although the tool of one-click move is still combing the functions of the converter and also moving as very same as the approach two basically, it is simpler and also less complicated for iPhone users to operate and make the file well-arranged. It enables iPhone individuals to play .wmv format video via one-click, but, it cannot provide the powerful functions that converter deserve to carry out, such as video modifying, two-way conversion and so on.

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Tips: If your iPhone mechanism is as well old prefer below iOS 8, the converter from approach 2 could be the just approach matching for you, otherwise, you could attempt jailbreak to reach playing .wmv video on your iPhone.