How to open psr files

A PSR file is a distinct file with the extension PSR createdby PowerBuilder, InfoMaker, or DataWindow Designer.

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Windows and PSR filesWhen InfoMaker is set up, the PSR file form is registeredwith Windows.

A PSR file includes a report interpretation (source and object)and also the data contained in the report as soon as the PSR filewas developed.

Figure 6-1: PSR file


About reportsA report is the exact same as a nonupdatable DataWindow object.For even more information, view “About reports”.

You have the right to usage a PSR file to save a complete report (report designand also data). This deserve to be particularly vital if you must keepa photo of data taken against a database that changes commonly.

How PSR records are created

InfoMaker creates a PSR file as soon as you:

Opening a PSR file

When you open up a PSR file, InfoMaker screens the report inthe Report painter. If InfoMaker is not currently running, openinga PSR file immediately starts InfoMaker. You have the right to open a PSR filein Documents Manager or Explorer, in a mail message, and using the Filefood selection in the Report painter.

To open a PSR file in InfoMaker using Exploreror Data Manager or from a mail message:

Double-click the PSR file name.

InfoMaker displays the report.

To open up a PSR file from the food selection bar in the Reportpainter:

Select File>Open Documents from the menu bar.

The Select a Data Name dialog box display screens.

Select the PSR file you desire. Change drives anddirectories if necessary.

The Report painter screens the report in the Deauthorize see.

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Select View>Pevaluation to preview the report.

PSR documents and also retrieval

When you are previewing a PSR file, you check out the data thatwas conserved in the file once it was created. This is true until youexplicitly retrieve data aobtain utilizing the Retrieve button or Rows>Retrievefrom the menu bar.

If you attempt to retrieve information via a PSR file, you mustbe certain that you are correctly associated to the ideal database. Otherwise,you will certainly get a database error message.

If you retrieve brand-new information while previewing a PSR file, youcannot go earlier to the old information included in the file. To go backto the old data, you should leave the PSR file without conserving andthen reopen up the PSR file.

Mailing reports

While previewing in the Report painter, you deserve to mail a reportas a PSR file to an InfoMaker user that is using a MAPI-compliantmail device such as Microsoft Exadjust. (MAPI means messagingapplication routine interchallenge and also is among the programminginterfaces to mail units.)

To mail a report:

While previewing a report in the Reportpainter, pick File>Sfinish from the menu bar.

If you are not logged on to your mail system, you will beprompted for your password.

Get in your password and also click OK.

A form for mailing the report displays. InfoMaker createsand also attaches the appropriate PSR file (which holds the report anddata).

Complete the form and sfinish the message.

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InfoMaker mails the PSR file. The recipient deserve to open thereport by double-clicking it if InfoMaker is mounted.