How to open acer aspire one

Find a clean and also flat surface to occupational on. Turn off the system by pressing and holding the power button.

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To remove the battery, rotate the mechanism with the optimal dvery own and the battery encountering up and also ameans from you.

Slide the battery lock/unlock switch to unlock, by pushing dvery own on the tabs and sliding the lock outwards.

Unlock the latch above the F8 essential at the peak of the key-board by prying up towards you via a plastic opening tool. Continue alengthy the peak of the keyboard and unlock the remaining 4 latches.

Lift the keyboard out from the height, till you have the right to see the keyboard FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) cable.

Carecompletely pull out the key-board cable. Note: If you are not certain you will have the ability to acquire the cable earlier in the correct way, note the cable and also the socket with a sharpie.

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To rerelocate the base cover, rerelocate all the screws from under keyboard utilizing a J1 Phillips head screwdriver. Tbelow are 13 screws.

Press dvery own on the tab labeled door release till it releases. The tab is located on the lower ideal side of the system.

Flip the gadget back over and also then locate the tough drive. It is the big silver rectangular item with a label on it.

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Warning! Do not usage these instructions! They are INCORRECT! Tbelow are multiple points where you need to release the keyboard, not simply the one behind F8! Following these instructions resulted in me to tear up my F8 and INS vital.

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Might occupational, yet there a a lot simplier means !

After taking the keyboard ameans, inspect the screws. 5 and also only 5 of them say ‘Door’, these are M2x8. Only take these ameans.

Flip the Aspire One. No have to take ameans the 3 screws on the bottotm. The door is the main part of the earlier, it’s clipped. On the various other side there is a little component labeled ‘Door Released’ press it, it will certainly un clip the door, take the door ameans and tbelow you go you have acces to the HD !