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The many efficient way to hunt a monster is to take benefit of openings. Mounting creates a beneficial opportunity to deal substantial damage. Read on to learn the different means to mount throughout a hunt!


How To Mount Monsters

Mounting a monster may take quite a bit of skill, however as soon as you have the timing and also movement dvery own, it creates a substantial home window of opportunity to deal enormous damage!

Keep note that this list will describe different ways to mount a monster but one aspect does not change, you must deal sufficient damages on the way dvery own to mount the monster. If not enough damage is output, the mount will not be succesful.

Ledge MountWall surface MountInsect Glaive MountGlider Mantle Mount
Jump onto the monster from a higher surface and assault on the method down
Climb and scalable wall and when high enough, jump off and also land also of the monster
Launch into the air and strike downwards while dealing damage
Incorpoprice every one of these mounting approaches with the Glider Mantle to boost airtime

What To Do When Mounting Monster

Once the monster is sucesscompletely mounted, the question is how to effectively take it down. To perform this, you need to have the ability to stay on it!

Attack While Maintaining Stamina

There are several points you have the right to perform to the monster to deal damage while you are installed. Make sure to look at the top appropriate of your screen while you are placed and also follow the instructed activity. If not, you will certainly quickly deplete your stamina and also obtain thrown off the monster.

Attack, Move and Brace


Mounting ControlsPCPSXboxAttackMoveBrace
Mouse 1

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How to mount monsters in monster hunter world


WLeft Stick
Mouse 3
Attacking While Mounting

When mounting the monster you have the right to attack the monster. Each strike will deal 1 damages. It is finest to reserve this for as soon as the game instructs you to instead of depleting stamina.

There is an alternative to relocate and also readjust the body component of the mosnter the hunter is on. To rise the possibility of breaking this part, make sure that it is wright here you are installed before the finishing attack.

Moving roughly depletes most stamina so do not usage it also a lot. The greater damage is tempting but the finish goal will certainly be impossible if you are thrvery own off. Though take not that moving while you are intended to brace does not deplete stamina.

Finishing Attack

The end goal is to complete the finishing assault. The game will certainly prompt you to perform an attack that variest per weapon. Once this is performed, the monster will certainly go down, then the home window of chance to deal damages is open!

Using a blade weapon on the tail in the time of the finisher deserve to cut the tail off while making use of a blunt weapon on the head deserve to knock out a monster.