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Sticky Lanolin

by opticsp » April fourth, 2008, 12:43 pm

I review in among these threads about Lansinoh brand Lanolin that is supplied mainly by womales who breastfeed. I read the ingredients on the package and also it states 100% pure lanolin. So, I bought it. I then applied it to the inside of my glove, fingers, pocket, internet. I tried to use it sparingly bereason I had actually check out that it goes a long way (aside from it being expensive). Well, the glove is really well conditioned currently but additionally very sticky. It is sticky to the touch however the stickiness does not deliver over to the finger. Why did this happen? How have the right to I remove the stickiness?
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by BretMan » April 5th, 2008, 1:18 am

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I haven"t personally had actually a glove become "sticky" from utilizing pure lanolin, so I"m not certain what occurred on your glove. What type of leather is it? If it is "oil tanned" leather, occasionally those don"t desire to absorb conditioner incredibly well. My best guess would certainly be that, also while being careful, you can have supplied too a lot.I have bought the tiny tubes of Lanisoh and also it is expensive. Because then, I have actually uncovered a drugstore in my area that sells tubes of "generic" lanolin at around 1/3 the expense.When using lanolin, I execute rub it in very thoabout. You sassist that you provided it sparingly, but once I usage it I usage it REALLY sparingly! Maybe there is a fine line between "just the ideal amount" and "also much".To offer you an principle of just how much I"m utilizing, I would certainly say that one of those little tubes will certainly let me treat everywhere from 15 to 20 gloves- easily- and that is through giving the gloves a pair of exceptionally light coats.I acquire just a tiny little on the cloth I"m using to use it, maybe about a pea-sized drop, and also rub that in to as wide a room as I deserve to until it seems dry, then one more little dab, and also so on.Instead of acquiring the glove soaked in lanolin, think of a technique even more like waxing a car, wright here you usage little amounts of wax and wipe it over a area at a time.Rather than "sticky", many type of of the gloves I treat through lanolin will certainly end up via a smooth texture. That is equivalent to what is described in the book "Glove Affairs" by Noah Liberman, wright here he discusses miscellaneous leather treatments.In regards to lanolin, which he thinks is the best possible therapy, he notes that, "Its minor drawearlier is that it leaves a dry slipperiness on the leather until there"s a small dust on the surface".That has been my suffer, even more frequently than not. On some gloves, I guess depending upon the type of leather, the absorbtion of the lanolin does seem to raise the natural grain of the leather a little, and that appears to provide a grippy feel that offsets the smooth, dry texture.So- what must you carry out with your glove that appears "sticky"? My initially pointer would certainly be to wipe the glove dvery own a couple of times with a dry cloth- to sort of buff it out. That may take ameans some of the lanolin that stayed on the surchallenge.Somepoint else that could assist would be to warm the leather to open up the pores and also permit any type of excess lanolin to absorb. An simple method to carry out that is to just leave the glove in your car on a heat day. I"ve done that prior to and also had actually a glove absorb conditioner prefer a sponge!Hope that helps. Check back in and also let us recognize how it functioned out.