Little Alchemy

Based off of the browser/mobile game Little Alchemy 1.

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Combine scientific facets into brand-new scientific facets through which you make brand-new elements! All items aren"t consumed when crafted, to provide the feel of the original game wbelow you have actually limitless items.

As of 0.2, tright here are 46 Elements.

I am presently playing Little Alchemy and also adding aspects to my mod as I acquire them in game.

Also, somepoint unintended however finished up functioning well, the minecraft recipe book functions great through this mod, As it allows you to get any type of item youve currently crafted because elements don"t disappear upon crafting via them.

Getting Started

When you create a world you obtain your first four facets, then simply put any two together in your crafting table! That simple! I suggest having actually chests especially for this mod, bereason as of now tbelow isn"t any kind of one-of-a-kind inventory management solutions. Type /littlealchemy if you loose your basic elements!



-The facet bag? An item through storage that is significant enough to fit every one of your extra elements?

-A gui. A tradition gui wright here you can craft and play Little Alchemy(unmost likely, or far future)

-Add at least 20 facets per upday, and also via every couple updays include in a mechanic to spice it up.

-Use aspects to craft minecraft items. For instance, if you craft LA(little alchemy) obsidian, probably you might somejust how turn that into Minecraft Obsidian? Possibly By making use of a block that converts items.

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-Add more survival elements. I might include a mode that enables/disables survival implementation. This would certainly suppose that if you killed a zombie for example, you would obtain the corpse facet. 

-Add tradition elements, facets that arent in the Little Alchemy game, and also which need even more than 2 ingrediants.

-Custom elements through cross mod assistance via my other mods (Aftermine, Stellar Expansion, Aftermine 2)

-Elemental devices. Combine LC items through Minecraft items to make special items(tools/weapons)


Elements List

Air, Fire, Earth. Water, Dust, Lava, Mud, Pressure, Rain, Sea, Steam, Plant, Swamp, Wind, Atmosphere, Energy, Life, Human, Wizard (0.1)

Fireman, Gunpowder, Explosion, Atomic Bomb, Bacteria, Sickness, Farmer, Bird, Egg, Angel, Allergy, Cold, Brick, Wall surface, House, Village, City, Family, Grass, Obsidian, Ocean, Stone, Sand, Glass, Time, Sandrock, Hourglass(0.2-unreleased)