How to make steam text bigger

It seems that a current Steam update raised font dimension in chat to "enhance readability". Unfortunately, this just adjusted the font size in the in the conversation area and also nowbelow else in the chat home window, making the interchallenge jarring to usage. How have the right to I adjust it back to the means it was before?

As of May, 6, one more Steam update adjusted the chat input font to around 16 points (screenshot), and also tright here does not seem to be a matching formats establishing to adjust its font dimension. Is tright here a means to adjust the friends chat input font size?

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You deserve to edit the Steam UI"s style files to change font sizes. The files steam.layouts and also gameoverlay.layouts regulate the look-and-feel of the Steam UI and also the overlay UI, respectively. You have the right to locate these by navigating to your Steam folder (generally under Program Files) and navigating right into the resource then formats folders.

By finding the lines that contain font-size=, you deserve to adjust the font dimension of any kind of UI element.

Specifically, to change the chat font size, uncover the code blocks that look choose this:

friends_chat_texttextcolor="text"selectedtextcolor="TextentrySelected"SelectedBgColor="focus"font-size=20And adjust the font-dimension to 14 or whatever is comfortable. Tright here are multiple UI kinds used in Steam Chat, so you will certainly desire to examine and also probably change the font-dimension in multiple code blocks. The names of the code blocks that are relevant are:


You"ll have to rebegin Steam to watch the transforms.

Be mindful that transforming these lines is changing the core Steam records, so they"ll more than likely be overwritten once Steam updates. To make these transforms stick (and also be less complicated to remove), you might want to look right into exactly how to make a Steam skin, and store your changes in that. (The downside of producing a Steam skin is then you confront preserving it if an update breaks it.)