How to make itunes movies download faster

Have closed all other applications and genius is off. Everypoint else downloads really quick but the movies are killing me - as much as around 3 hrs and counting. Then it"s slow to put on my ipod. Have tried HD and also SD, no distinction whatsoever.

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I have actually formerly downloaded a movie and also put it on my ipod within around 30 mins but for the previous month or 2 itunes movie downtons are REALLY slow-moving. I"ve check out other forums that say similar yet no one has obtained a solution yet. I believed I"d put it out tbelow aacquire - does anyone understand what it is?

I am utilizing a brand also brand-new imac with tonnes of memory, broadband also internet is obv the likely cause but EVERYTHING else is rapid, only itunes movies are slow-moving. Is there a setting that"s been changed, perhaps in one of the software updates?

I"m a new mac user so go straightforward on the technology advise please, I"m still in home windows mode...