Find Out exactly how to make edible slime several various methods, including galaxy slime and slimes via soda and juice. All of these DIY slime recipes are super quick, simple, and also ideal of all, edible!


As a 90’s kid, I was obviously obsessed with Nickelodeon and also wanting to acquire slimed. I asked my parental fees for slime and they did ultimately obtain me neon pink Gak. Since I was a most likely approximately 8 years old at the time, it didn’t take extremely long for that Gak to make its method to the middle of my father’s beloved La-Z-Boy. If you’re a parent, I’m certain that’s no surpincrease, nor the reality that I was never enabled to have actually slime in the home aget. And as for the La-Z-Boy, it still had actually a pink slime stain when I went off to college.

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So while I was banned as a child, now as an adult I gain to make and play through all the DIY slime I desire. So once I learned you have the right to make slime that you have the right to actually eat, I had actually to try it. Because of this here are a couple of recipes to make your own edible slime.

You can likewise examine out some various other recipes, such as some classic green slime or gold slime. Or downfill a totality set of slime recipe cards listed below or from the shop.


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Standard recipes typically use glue as the base and also some kind of slime activator (whether that’s borax, call lens solution, or somepoint else). However, because these recipes are edible, they’re all slime without glue, borax, or activator.

All of these recipes display you how to make slime via Metamucil, making them all edible and a great craft for kids. Keep in mind, even though they’re technically edible they execute not necessarily taste good. But you have the right to certainly use seasonings and also ingredients that you favor to make them taste better.

One method to make slime without glue, borax, or a slime activator is to usage Metamucil, or psyllium husk powder. Metamucil is a fiber supplement. However, store in mind not all fiber supplements are made of psyllium husk. As such be certain to check out the label if you’re buying a fiber powder to make sure it’s made of psyllium husks.


Because Metamucil is edible it makes a great base for edible slime recipes. When you mix psyllium husks or Metamucil through water, it turns into a gel. Then heating up this mixture clears some of the liquid, thickening it and also making it gooey. The even more you heat it up, the much less messy and gooey it is and the more you deserve to stretch it. Thus if you want a stretchy slime, heat it up even more. If you want a more runny and gooey slime, warmth it up much less.

You deserve to definitely make edible slime without Metamucil as well, such as using flax seeds. However if you ask me which is much better, I would say Metamucil slime.

This is the basic recipe to make edible slime using Metamucil. You can use whatever liquid you would choose as lengthy as you usage the quantities detailed below.

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Combine the ingredients in bowl and also microwave on 30 second increments till it’s the consistency you want.