This is an easy three dimensional craft that deserve to be done "justfor fun" or an Old Greece design template.

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During the Trojanwar, the Greek army developed a giant wooden horse and left it at the gates toTroy. The Trojans wheeled the horse inside, thinking it was a symbolof victory. But Greek soldiers hid inside the steed and leapt out toassault the Trojans during the night -- finishing the 10 year siege of Troy.


2 bamboo skewers or drinking strawssomepoint to shade with if using the B&W variation,scissors,glue or tape,paper,printer,Optional: thin cardboard (choose cardstock or old grain boxes)


Publish out the theme of alternative.
Optional: Glue the templates onto thin cardboard and let dry. This will certainly make the equine sturdier if you plan to play with the steed, but isn't vital if you're just displaying it.From layout 3, fold the rectangular item wbelow suggested.Glue or tape this item to the two yoke pieces appropriate where the cuts finish (wright here the thick dotted line ends on the yoke pieces)
Fold the final piece from layout 3 where suggested (the base).Insert the base between the two steed pieces (from templates 1 and also 2).

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Wrap the folded pieces of the base over the edge of the steed item and also glue or tape to secure.Push the slits of one of the yoke pieces over the height of the steed pieces, simply in front of the tail.Push the slits of the other yoke piece over the peak of the equine pieces, just behind the mane.If utilizing drinking straws, usage a hole punch to punch holes in the facility of each wheel and on the dots at the bottom of the equine pieces -- slide your drinking straws via these holes and also trim the straws if you like
If using bamboo skewers, simply stab through the wheels and also dots on the bottom of the equine pieces with your skewers.Set your Trojan Horse before the gateways of Troy and also hope they fall for it!


All 3 templates are essential in order to construct one equine.Close the theme home window after printing to return to this screen.Set page margins to zero if you have actually trouble fitting the theme on one web page (FILE, PAGE SETUP or FILE, PRINTER SETUP in a lot of browsers).

Template 1 (color) or (B&W)

Template 2 (color) or (B&W)

Template 3 (color) or (B&W)