How to make a text message unread on android

I"ve simply switched to a Samsung Galaxy Europa from a push-button Sony Ericsson K660, and currently I"m finding a few functions in the old gadget that I"m lacking in the new one. For example, periodically as soon as I review a text message, I"d prefer to reply to it later on. On the K660 I"d read the message, then return earlier to the inbox listing and note the message as "unread". This adds the envelope icon ago on the taskbar, and makes the message title in bold, so I recognize to respond to it later on.

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However before some study on the internet doesn"t revolve up a lot, and I wonder whether this isn"t had in the stock messaging application. I"m running variation 2.2. Any ideas?

Do not think you have the right to carry out that via the stock messaging app. Might be finest to install an alternative application to do that. There"s 3 different famous ones accessible from Google Play.

There"s handcent-sms, go-sms mentioned in the tags, likewise there"s Chomp-Sms also.

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As for pergoals yeah, that"s a tricky one, as long as they don"t have the over-consumption of permission demands, you need to be pretty ok.

As an off-topic, I perform recognize that in CyanogenMod, tright here is a setting to depick the permissions as compelled for each and also eexceptionally application you install, for example, an app referred to as "FooSms" - uninspect "Read SMS", the application may bomb out through an Security Error exception due to the shelp permission being revoked. Incidentally, there is CM7 easily accessible for Europa using Madteam.


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