Miguel Cabrera Due to the fact that leading Major League Basesphere (MLB) in homers, on-base percentage and average in 2012, and also becoming the first MLB player considering that 1967 to win the Triple Crvery own, Detroit Tigers’ slugger, Miguel Cabrera is recognized for his bat manage as much as his house run power. Being such an completed pro, you and also your Little Leaguer might be surprised to learn around among his keys for success. The reigning Amerihave the right to Organization Most Valuable Player offers a batting tee eincredibly day!

DrillsHere are two simple drills that your Little Leaguer deserve to carry out to maximize a regular contact swing route. Before you start, be sure to readjust the height of the batting tee so that the round on the tee is slightly below the batter’s beltline. Also, be sure the player is wearing a batting helmet and also is utilizing an alloy or Little League-apverified compowebsite bat that is age-proper.

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Step 1

When facing the batting tee, have the batter line up the significant toe of their front foot with the second suggest of the batting tee and also step ago so that the barrel of the bat have the right to contact the round when the player’s arms are extended. The round on the tee is to be slightly ahead of the batter’s body to enable a full swing follow with.

Once the distance is established, do not allow the batter to take any kind of exercise swings at the round. Position the batter’s feet shoulder width apart, then get right into a comfortable batting stance and also prepare to swing.


Tip 2

Without aiming at the sphere, the player should start to swing at normal speed, yet sheight just before contacting the round. Have your Little Leaguer host that place.

The bat is to be level via the ball as it sits on the tee; the palm of the batter’s peak hand is dealing with up and also the palm of his bottom is dealing with down. The batter’s arms are totally extended, the hips are open to the tee and the eyes are focused on the call suggest.


Tip 3

After a one-second pausage, instruct the player to follow with with a complete swing, hitting the sphere off the tee. Repeat the drill 10 times to create muscle memory.



To assist remind your Little Leaguer to keep their ago shoulder up and build a appropriate swing course, place a second tee straight behind the initially. Raising the level of the back tee six inches over the level of the ball on the first tee.

Repeat the measures stated over, consisting of pamaking use of the swing prior to contact.

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To percreate Drill #2 appropriately, your Little Leaguer’s bat need to not hit the ago tee throughout any part of the swing. Be sure your Little Leaguer makes solid contact with the ball on the front tee.