The gear system and character progression in Injustice 2adds a lot to the game, but it deserve to take a while to reach max level. You likewise can not obtain the equipment you want because of exactly how random the Mother Box drops are.

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The good news is that there is a method to quickly level and also gain a bunch of gear to make all this easier: the Multiverse in Single Player.

How to Get Gear and also Level Up Quick in Injustice 2

The multiverse has plenty of choices for you to fight against A.I. in order to finish difficulties, acquire Mother Boxes and also equipment, and level up. However, tright here is one mode that is much even more lucrative than the others. That mode is Countless Mode.

You can reach Endless mode by picking Multiverse in Single Player, then selecting "Battle Simulator". Now, simply choose Endless Setting to start the grind.

Injustice 2"s Endless Mode

This game mode has A.I. at the lowest difficulty and will go on until you either shed or quit. Since battles can go by quicker because of the straightforward A.I., you have actually a possibility of obtaining gear after each battle -- and you gain Mvarious other Boxes for reaching certain streaks.

I have actually likewise noticed that I gain even more endure in this mode, plus it saves time bereason you don"t need to go earlier and also pick a level after each completion. You will obtain credits after each enhance, and any type of equipment you achieve that you do not need can be sold. You will certainly sometimes gain a Regen Token once you offer equipment.


Tbelow is one more method you have the right to make this even simpler, and that is by picking an A.I. loadout. When you customize your loadouts for your character, you can likewise pick up to two A.I. loadouts.

Usually, you would certainly usage this for the A.I. BattleSimulator, but Single Player Multiverse enables you to pick A.I. loadouts as well. Now, the A.I. will certainly fight for you and also all you have to perform is hit continue after each fight.

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This is good if you want to level a character you don"t yet recognize wellor as soon as youget worn down of grinding. The A.I. is likewise very good, particularly if you give it some decent gear and also tweak its actions. They could also go farther than you would!

Whenever you are done, sindicate pause and departure to themajor menu.


Those are all the tips I have for leveling and gaining equipment easily in Injustice 2. Let me understand if you have any type of questions or various other tips of your own!

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