Quitting and also leaving a mission in Nioh 2 is not what one would certainly contact a straight-forward affair, requiring an object fairly than food selection shortreduced to perdevelop. Tright here are 2 items that will enable you to quit and also leave a mission in Nioh 2, and among them is constantly easily accessible.

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Use either the irreversible Divine Branch Fragment or single-usage Divine Branchs to quit and leave missions.

Whenever before you tap the touchpad on the DualShock 4 controller you will bring up the major food selection, and the second symbol (Items) is wright here you will certainly discover your way out of missions. Under Key Items is the Divine Branch Fragment and also using it will certainly take you out of a mission and also ago to the map. There is a cost to making use of the Divine Branch Fragment, however: all of your Amrita (endure in Nioh 2). This contains Amrita you lugged into the mission through you, so it deserve to prove costly.


If you’d fairly quit without shedding your suffer you deserve to usage among the rare Divine Branches scattered around the game. Aget, these arerare, so you can’t stockpile these like you can other items. These are best supplied once you discover yourself unable to complete a mission but have actually a veritable riches of Amrita you can’t usage to level.

All shelp, the game does conserve whenever before you usage a shrine or die, and tright here is constantly Rest Mode on the PlayStation 4, so I recommend only bailing out when you are in despeprice need of a respec, or are unable to finish a mission despite your ideal efforts. Even summoning friends can be done within a mission, so popping either item must be used as a last ditch initiative to go back to the map.

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That’s how to quit and leave goals in Nioh 2. It’s not difficult as soon as you know what to execute, however it comes via a hefty penalty. Abandon via treatment.