Here we are in a group, a friend arrives through his friend , he comes to the group and also we all greet and then he states " quiero que present mi buen amigo" Tright here is something not fairly best here.

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Hi Paco, edited your title for clarity. Goldie has actually an excellent answer to your question listed below. - StuartSD, FEB 17, 2012
You guys are absent part of the context. It has actually disappeared so now I suppose it's an inside joke ;o) - Goldie_Miel, FEB 17, 2012

Hola paco,

Diría, "te presento a mi buen amigo _______"

I would say,"I current to you, my great friend ______"

Or, if presenting to a big group, I think you"d most likely say "Les presento..." rather.

I think he have to have shelp, "Permitame a presentarte a mi buen amigo", however I might be wrong as I am not a indigenous speaker. And you are appropriate, Paco. That just does not sound best to me either.

Sanlee, I think that's good if you're simply talking to one perkid (and also using informal "you"). Just a correction: Permíteme presentarte... - Goldie_Miel, FEB 17, 2012

Paco, tbelow are miscellaneous means, but the many common in a really social setting, which appears to be your establishing below, is simply "Les presento a mi amigo (fulano de tal)."

Please describe what you suppose. I do not really get your message. By the way: It"s not freind however frifinish. You shouldn"t mix those up, otherwise you do not recognize your actual friends


you are supposed to find the difficulty through the phrase' forgive the typo - pacofinkler, FEB 17, 2012
oh sorry, I didn't quite understand also your question. Maybe tright here will be various other civilization that have more experience. - 00434ec3, FEB 17, 2012

I posted a trick question to see that would capture how inapropriate "introducir" is in this instance in Spanish. I am pleased to view so many kind of correct answers.

On this line, in a very informal advent, in English we regularly say, "This is my brvarious other, George" or something favor that.

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Can I use "Este es...." in Spanish?

Also, I forgot how to acquire to the referral area that had the introductions on it. Can someone edit my post with a link?

I"m not sure if this is what you desire, Katy. I hope it helps


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