Is your air conditioner no much longer keeping the internal as cool as before? It more than likely suggests there’s a trouble through the unit and needs replacement. If you know exactly how to install RV air conditioner you have the right to install that brand-new unit without paying someone to perform it.

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New RV AC Installation

If tright here are just minor troubles via your AC, it is all ideal to perform repairs or rearea a couple of components. But if the breakdowns happen more frequently it’s more valuable to buy a new AC.

The price of buying a new AC might be higher at first, however it’s going to save you money given that you don’t need to pay for new parts and also repairs constantly. If you crunch the numbers, it’s cheaper to buy a brand-new AC that will last for years, rather than pay for repairs aget and aobtain.

How To Install Rv Air Conditioner On Rooftop?

If you’ve acquired basic tool and DIY abilities there’s no factor why you can’t install a new AC. The many difficult part is gaining the brand-new AC on the roof and also removing the old one. You will discover this job simpler if you have actually a frifinish to help you.

The basic steps are:

Take off the shroudRemove the ceiling assembly of the ACDisaffix the wiring and remove the AC retaining flange boltsUse a putty knife for separating the roof and also gasketRerelocate the sealants and also roof coating

How to Rerelocate the Old AC?


1.Put some old blankets or drop cloths roughly the area wright here you’ll install the new AC. If you’re not sure if the roof have the right to assistance your weight, put plyhardwood or planks about the rooftop prior to you climb on.

2. Take off the shroud on the AC by unscrewing the bolts. There are usually 4 screws on the shroud. Scrape off any adhesives on the AC base using a putty knife.

Unbolting and also Removing

3.The bolts on an AC unit are connected to the rooftop by means of the bolts. These are set in a bracket, threading in the roofoptimal and also right into the AC. Between the RV roof and also the roofoptimal is a rubber seal which secures the bolts.

4.Use a wrench or screwdriver to remove the bolts, releasing the ceiling flange. Loosen the ducting. If vital head to the roof aobtain and use a putty knife to loosen the AC from the roofpeak.

5. Carefully lift the AC unit and also take it dvery own from the roof. Clean the roof prior to installing the brand-new one to prevent leaks. Do not put the brand-new AC on till all the old adhesive and putty have been rerelocated.

How to Placing New AC Properly?


6. Put the brand-new AC wbelow the old air conditioner was. Position it above the duct hole. It will be simpler if you have someone in your RV to assist via the installation. The gasket demands to be aligned through the 14 x 14 square ceiling opening. Refer to the AC hand-operated for instructions on exactly how to revolve the ceiling assembly flange correctly.

7. Secure the bolts to the roofoptimal according to the instructions on your AC. The process might vary from one design to another so describe your hands-on for the specifics.

Air Conditioner Electrical Connections

To install your brand-new AC:

Install the duct and also connect the ceiling flange.Take off all the adhesive sexpedition and begin trimming the duct.Placed the shroud on the brand-new air conditioner.

8.Connecting the wires and the line should be done in the ceiling assembly junction box. Due to the fact that these are shade coded wires you’ll have the ability to complement it via the wiring. Your brand-new AC will certainly have actually wire nuts you can usage to affix the electric wires.

9.Ensure the wires are secure and also tright here is no exposed wiring. Put some electrical tape approximately the relationships to better fortify it. If you don’t elaborate dealing with electrical wires obtain an electrician to execute it for you.

10.Placed the filter cover on and also slide the shroud on the air conditioner. Fasten the shroud with screws. Plug the power back on and also installation is finish.

Tips and Warnings

Check your RV owner’s hand-operated for details on what form of air conditioner works ideal via it. Use that as a overview to determine what kind to buyDo a contend test after installing a brand-new AC. Try out all the functions and also settings so you’ll know ideal away if tbelow is a problem.Don’t forgain to examine the warranty coverage and also take advantage of it.If the AC no much longer cools air the means it provided to, it is most likely as a result of a dirty air filter. Clean the filter eextremely 2 months. Check for signs of dirty air or dust and clean it up instantly.A dirty cold air return can also store your AC from creating cool air. For ducted air conditioning systems, you will uncover the cold air rerotate at the earlier of a vented gprice alengthy the ceiling.Prepare all the devices and also materials you require before replacing the AC.If you’ve acquired a hefty AC mounted, closely remove as defined in the steps over. Now make certain someone is down tright here to obtain the old AC when you take it down.Follow the hand-operated directions on just how to clean an air filter. If tright here is no info, mix mild detergent and also lukeheat water. Clean well and thoroughly rinse. Allow it to dry overnight. You can also usage air compressing tools to clean the unit.After hefty usage in the time of the summer, check the air return for signs of contaminants.

There are a couple of more things you can perform to encertain the AC runs smoothly. Look up the condenser coil and make particular they’re not pinched or blocked. The fan must drive warm air out of your RV.

Your unit gets a minimum of 115 volts. With a low voltage your AC deserve to still run however it will certainly not be at full power. It is constantly much better to have actually the AC running at max capacity so you get optimum performance.

You can aid the AC cool your RV by parking under shade. The hotter it is the harder your AC hregarding work. If it is exposed to the sunlight then it’s going to exert even more effort to cool your unit. By staying in shade the inner cools much quicker. This also lessens the workload on your AC, prolonging its lifeexpectancy.

Anvarious other point you can perform is shut the windows. Insulate them so the cool air does not escape. Do this and you’ll obtain even more from your AC. It also helps to develop areas, locations where the AC is essential and wright here it is not so you can maximize its cooling potential. Installing LED lights additionally helps as they’re cooler than fluorescent.


Installing an air conditioner is not as complicated as it appears. As lengthy as you follow the instructions and also tips right here you’ll have actually it up and also running quickly.

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rachel frampton says

November 27, 2019 at 1:58 pm

My husband desires to install our new air conditioner on his very own. I guess my husband also hregarding prepare for screwvehicle drivers bereason as you’ve pointed out, he’ll be needing it to remove the bolts, so the ceiling flange can be released. this seems beneficial, but I think it would be better if we’ll just hire a expert AC installation service to carry out it.

Learning how to rearea the RV air conditioner gasket can help you control the leaks permanently. The initially action is replacement steps is protecting your motorhome roofheight. Then, pull the AC shroud off from the ACU and collection it aside, remove the RV air conditioner. Pull out the old RV AC gasket from its area and also clean the surconfront, you deserve to already install an new RV air conditioner gasket. Finally, Carecompletely replace the RV air conditioner over the gasket.

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My RV air conditioner is leaking and also I read that the AC gasket should be reinserted and I am looking to adjust it. Thank you for writing this

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