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Nobody likes to execute points the difficult method which is why they created key-board shortcuts! We’re going to take a look at shortcuts that you’re able to use in Google Docs to shorten the moment it takes to use everyday actions.

By no suggests is this a complete list of all the key-board shortcuts accessible in Google Docs. We’ve tried to store the list even more mainly helpful shortcuts. Tright here are plenty even more for you to check out if you can’t find what you’re trying to find in this guide.

To open up a list of key-board shortcuts in Google Docs, press Ctrl+/ (Windows and also Chrome OS) or Cmd+/ (macOS) or check out the finish list on the Google Docs aid page.

General Program Actions

These are your everyday keyboard shortcuts that make it simpler to execute everything from copy text to undo a mistake.

Ctrl+C (Windows/Chrome OS) and Cmd+C (macOS): Copy schosen message or graphics to the ClipboardCtrl+X (Windows/Chrome OS) and Cmd+X (macOS): Cut schosen message or graphics to the ClipboardCtrl+V (Windows/Chrome OS) and Cmd+V (macOS): Paste the contents of the Clipboard to your documentCtrl+Shift+V (Windows/Chrome OS) and also Cmd+Shift+V (macOS): Paste the contents of the Clipboard without formattingCtrl+Z (Windows/Chrome OS) and also Cmd+Z (macOS): Undo an actionCtrl+Y (Windows/Chrome OS) and Cmd+Y (macOS): Reperform an actionCtrl+K (Windows/Chrome OS) and also Cmd+K (macOS): Insert or edit an exterior linkCtrl+S (Windows/Chrome OS) and Cmd+S (macOS): Save (eincredibly adjust is already saved in Drive, right here for those few paranoid people)Ctrl+P (Windows/Chrome OS) and also Cmd+P (macOS): Print your documentCtrl+O (Windows/Chrome OS) and also Cmd+O (macOS): Open a file from your Drive or ComputerCtrl+F (Windows/Chrome OS) and Cmd+F (macOS): Find certain text in your documentCtrl+H (Windows/Chrome OS) and Cmd+H (macOS): Find and replace message in your documentCtrl+Shift+F (Windows/Chrome OS) and also Cmd+Shift+F (macOS): Compact mode (hide the menus)

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Character Formatting

Google Docs has heaps of shortcuts that permit you to apply character formatting (paragraph formatting is extended in the following section). When you should italicize, bold, or underline some text, these are the kinds of shortcuts you’ll usage.

Ctrl+B (Windows/Chrome OS) and also Cmd+B (macOS): Apply bold formattingCtrl+I (Windows/Chrome OS) and Cmd+I (macOS): Apply italic formattingCtrl+U (Windows/Chrome OS) and also Cmd+U (macOS): Apply underline formattingAlt+Shift+5 (Windows/Chrome OS) and Cmd+Shift+X (macOS): Apply strikevia formattingCtrl+Alt+C (Windows/Chrome OS) and also Cmd+Option+C (macOS): Copy the schosen text’s formattingCtrl+Alt+V (Windows/Chrome OS) and also Cmd+Option+V (macOS): Paste message formattingCtrl+ (Windows/Chrome OS) and also Cmd+ (macOS): Clear message formattingCtrl+Shift+> or or

Paragraph Formatting

As with character formatting, these are some shortcuts that let you format totality paragraphs through bulleted lists, heading styles, or align paragraphs left, ideal, or center.

Ctrl+> or < (Windows/Chrome OS) and also Cmd+> or < (macOS): Increase or decrease paragraph indentationCtrl+Alt+0 (Windows/Chrome OS) and Cmd+Option+0 (macOS): Apply normal text styleCtrl+Alt+1-6 (Windows/Chrome OS) and Cmd+Option 1-6 (macOS): Apply heading style <1-6>Ctrl+Shift+L (Windows/Chrome OS) and also Cmd+Shift+L (macOS): Left align a paragraphCtrl+Shift+E (Windows/Chrome OS) and Cmd+Shift+E (macOS): Center align a paragraphCtrl+Shift+R (Windows/Chrome OS) and Cmd+Shift+R (macOS): Right align a paragraphCtrl+Shift+7 (Windows/Chrome OS) and Cmd+Shift+7 (macOS): Insert a numbered listCtrl+Shift+8 (Windows/Chrome OS) and Cmd+Shift+8 (macOS): Insert a bulleted list

Comments and Footnotes

Need to insert a comment or footnote conveniently into a document? Well, tright here are some pretty handy shortcuts to expedite the process.

Ctrl+Alt+M (Windows/Chrome OS) and also Cmd+Option+M (macOS): Insert a commentCtrl+Alt+Shift+A (Windows/Chrome OS) and Cmd+Option+Shift+A (macOS): Open a conversation threadCtrl+Alt+F (Windows/Chrome OS) and also Cmd+Option+F (macOS): Insert a footnote

Text Selection via a Keyboard

You have the right to instantly select anything from one character to the whole document’s text via these key-board shortcuts.

Ctrl+A (Windows/Chrome OS) and also Cmd+A (macOS): Select all text in the documentShift+Left/appropriate arrow (Windows/Chrome OS/macOS): Extend selection by one characterShift+Up/dvery own arrow (Windows/Chrome OS/macOS): Extfinish selection by one lineCtrl+Shift+Left/appropriate arrow (Windows/Chrome OS) and also Shift+Option+Left/right Arrow (macOS): Extend selection by one wordShift+Home (Windows) and Shift+Fn+Left Arrow (macOS): Extend selection to the start of the lineShift+End (Windows) and also Shift+Fn+Right Arrow (macOS): Extend selection to the finish of the lineCtrl+Shift+Home (Windows) and also Cmd+Shift+Up Arrow (macOS): Extend selection to the start of the documentCtrl+Shift+End (Windows) and also Cmd+Shift+Down Arrow (macOS): Extfinish selection to the finish of the document

Text Selection through Mouse

If you’d fairly usage your computer mouse to choose message in your document, here’s just how you have the right to accomplish the same message selection.

Double-click: Select a wordDouble-click+drag: Extfinish selection one word at a timeTriple-click: Select the whole paragraphTriple-click+drag: Extend selection one paragraph at a time

Moving Around in a Document

Quickly relocate around your document without having to grab your mouse and also scroll your wheel endlessly. Instead, use these useful shortcuts that zip between words or sentences instantly.

Left/Right Arrow: Move the insertion point (cursor) one character to the left or rightCtrl+Left/Right Arrow (Windows/Chrome OS) and also Option+Left/Right Arrow(macOS): Move one word to the left or rightUp/Dvery own Arrow: Move up or down one lineCtrl+Up/Down Arrow (Windows/Chrome OS) and Ctrl+Shift+Up/Dvery own Arrow (macOS): Move up or down one paragraphEnd (Windows), Search+Right Arrow (Chrome OS), and also Cmd+Right Arrow (macOS): Move to the finish of the current lineCtrl+End(Windows), Search+Dvery own Arrow (Chrome OS), and Cmd+Dvery own Arrow (macOS): Move to the end of the documentHome (Windows), Search+Left Arrow(Chrome OS), and Cmd+Left Arrow (macOS): Move to the start of the present lineCtrl+Home(Windows), Search+Up Arrow (Chrome OS), and Cmd+Up Arrow (macOS): Move to the start of the documentPage Up (Windows), Alt+Up Arrow (Chrome OS), and also Fn+Up Arrow (macOS):
Move up one pagePage Down (Windows/Chrome OS) and also Fn+Down Arrow (macOS)Move down one page

Working with Tables

Similar to the previous shortcuts, these help you navigate via any type of tables that are contained inside your record without the usage of your mouse. The key-board shortcuts detailed listed below are for Windows and also Chrome OS. If you’re on a mac, substitute Alt for Command in all these shortcuts. For instance, Hold Ctrl+Cmd+Shift rather of Ctrl+Alt+Change.

Hold Ctrl+Alt+Shift, press T then S: Move to the start of the tableHold Ctrl+Alt+Change, press T then D: Move to the finish of the tableHold Ctrl+Alt+Shift, push T then I: Move to the begin of the table columnHold Ctrl+Alt+Change, push T then K: Move to the end of the table columnHold Ctrl+Alt+Shift, press T then B: Move to the next table columnHold Ctrl+Alt+Shift, press T then V: Move to the previous table columnHold Ctrl+Alt+Change, press T then J: Move to the start of the table rowHold Ctrl+Alt+Shift, press T then L: Move to the end of the table rowHold Ctrl+Alt+Change, push T then M: Move to the following table rowHold Ctrl+Alt+Change, press T then G: Move to the previous table rowHold Ctrl+Alt+Change, press T then E: Exit tableHold Ctrl+Alt+Change, push N then T: Move to the next tableHold Ctrl+Alt+Shift, push P then T: Move to the previous table

Other Tools and also Navigation

A couple of additional devices to assist streamline your Google Docs suffer, such as a document’s revision background, the dictionary, and permit voice typing.

Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H (Windows/Chrome OS) and Cmd+Option+Shift+H (macOS): Open the document’s revision historyCtrl+Alt+Shift+I (Windows/Chrome OS) and also Cmd+Option+Shift+I (macOS): Open Google Docs Explore toolCtrl+Shift+Y (Windows/Chrome OS) and Cmd+Shift+Y (macOS): Open the dictionary and thesaurusCtrl+Shift+C (Windows/Chrome OS) and also Cmd+Shift+C (macOS): Display the document’s word countCtrl+Shift+S (Windows/Chrome OS) and also Cmd+Shift+S (macOS): Start voice keying (available in Chrome browsers)

Accessing the Menus on PC

Accessing any of the menus on the menu bar have the right to additionally be done through a couple of basic shortcuts. No even more have to use the mouse to click each food selection to figure out which one you require.

Due to the fact that Google likes to make every little thing more facility, there are a few browser-certain commands for these keyboard shortcuts depending on whether you’re using Chrome or not.

Alt+F (Chrome) and Alt+Shift+F (Other browsers): Access the Documents menuAlt+E (Chrome) and Alt+Shift+E (Other browsers): Access the Edit menuAlt+V (Chrome) and Alt+Shift+V (Other browsers): Access the View menuAlt+I (Chome) and also Alt+Shift+I (Other browsers): Access the Insert menuAlt+O (Chrome) and also Alt+Shift+O (Other browsers): Access the Format menuAlt+T (Chrome) and also Alt+Shift+T (Other browsers): Access the Tools menuAlt+H (Chrome) and Alt+Shift+H (Other browsers): Access the Aid menuAlt+A (Chrome) and Alt+Shift+A (Other browsers): Access the Accessibility food selection (present once display reader assistance is enabled)Shift+Right-click: Sjust how your browser’s context menu (Google Docs overrides your browser’s conmessage food selection via its very own by default)

Accessing the Menus on macOS

As we pointed out above, accessing the food selection bar without clicking on it can be done with keyboard shortcuts. Here are the methods to open up each one from the Google Docs food selection bar on Mac.

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Ctrl+Option+F: Open the Data menuCtrl+Option+E: Open the Edit menuCtrl+Option+V: Open the View menuCtrl+Option+I: Open the Insert menuCtrl+Option+O: Open the Format menuCtrl+Option+T: Open the Tools menuCtrl+Option+H: Open the Assistance menuCtrl+Option+A: Open the Accessibility food selection (current once display reader support is enabled)Cmd+Option+Shift+K: Open the Input Tools menu (accessible in files in non-Latin languages)Shift+Right-click: Show your browser’s conmessage menu (Google Docs overrides your browser’s conmessage food selection through its very own by default)

And that around does it. These are some of the finest key-board shortcuts obtainable in Google Docs. Hopetotally, these can assist make your life a lot easier, and also if you didn’t find the ones you were searching for, inspect out the Google support web page for even more regulates.