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Posted By Jake Grifter on Nov 7, 2014 in Uncanny Valley


It’s that time of the year aget. Leaves are falling, warm cocoa is imminent and households are obtaining together for the holidays. Which suggests it’s time for your family’s yearly pilgrimage to the great outdoors, best as fall is around to envelope the countryside prefer a huge heat hug from Gammy Gim-Gim.

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Jake Grifter, Sex Tipster

Like so many type of about the nation, you’re no doubt looking forward to lengthy walks in the color-splamelted autumn woods, a steaming mug of your favorite hot drink, and also seeing your cousin Jill aobtain for the first time given that the significant family members reunion last summer.

If you’re prefer many nationwide, you’ve been reasoning about your cousin differently considering that you both turned 15 and she gained her braces off. You’ve most likely noticed that she’s started to develop a more womanly form, and she’s looking pretty a lot super-warm. Of course you didn’t always look at her choose that, in truth, you more than likely still remember those beforehand days playing in the tub together as little youngsters. But then aacquire, they say, “Virginia is for lovers.”

Plus, everyone knows that when Jessica-from-down-the-street-that-just-stopped-always-wearing-only-hoodies tells you she doesn’t choose you “prefer that”, you’re liable to gain a little puzzled and also hot under the collar.

So after the big hike and a huge family dinner, you ultimately get Jill alone downstairs by the ping-pong table and also start flirting a small. Maybe proposing a quick smooch, just as a joke, when following thing you understand you hear:

The all-time height 10 reasons why your cousin Jill sassist she wouldn’t make out with you:

“I think I hear my mom calling me.”“I just realized I have actually a ton of homework to finish.”“You’re a nice male, but we’re much better as long-distance cousins.”“The dog just licked my mouth favor 5 minutes back and also you don’t desire that”“I’m not right into alliteration, so the term kissing cousins just doesn’t appeal to me.”“When we were playing in the bathtub years earlier, I observed your penis and I noticed that it was really tiny.

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So for that reason and that factor alone I will certainly not make out through you.”“Your neighbor Jessica, that has actually really come into her own newly, told me you were a lame-o.”“We’re not close enough of family members for this to carry out it for me.”“I don’t have actually a tongue.”“The Yeerk in my head doesn’t think you’re great sufficient for me. I’m inclined to agree.”