This walkwith will certainly aid players navigate the Profaned Capital in Dark Souls 3. We will certainly present you wbelow to find valuable loot on the method to the boss enrespond to through Yhorm the Giant. Depending on your development, you have the right to even enrespond to Siegward of Catarina alengthy the means.

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To reach the Profaned Capital, you should initially check out the corridors of Irithyll Dungeon. Tright here are two courses you deserve to require to reach the Profaned Capital. One is a direct route to the boss, while the various other allows you to acquire handy loot items and enrespond to Siegward of Catarina. If you have actually kept up through Siegward’s pursuits up till this point, we recommend taking the course to discover him, in order to progression his story.

Both routes start at the Profaned Capital Bonfire. Head over to our Irithyll Dungeon Walkwith if you require aid navigating the dungeon to reach this bonfire. We will certainly start by explaining the optional course, wbelow you have the right to obtain handy items and complimentary Siegward. If you wish to bypass Siegward and the added loot, skip down to our Direct Route to Yhorm area below to head directly to the boss battle.

Free Siegward, Get the Jailer’s Key Ring

Start at the Profaned Capital Bonfire inside the ruined tower. Go dvery own the ladder close to the center of the room, and also head via a huge hole in the wall off to the side. Drop dvery own to the lower location. The stairs don’t lead almost everywhere, so head in the other direction toward the timber ramp. Watch out for an attack from one more Gargoyle just after you pass the ladder.

Eliminate the Gargoyle and head up the ramp to enter the tower. There’s a Crystal Lizard ahead, yet don’t assault it yet. Go through the initially doorway on the left, and also mind the gaps in the floor. The location below consists of toxic sludge and also Sewer Centipedes. At the finish of the corridor, you’ll discover the Crystal Lizard once aacquire and currently you can safely assault it to acquire a Twinkling Titanite. The following doorway on the best leads to another Crystal Lizard as well.

Go up the left stairs to discover a Rusted Gold Coin. Retrace your procedures and go through the opening to reach a higher platcreate over the pit. Attack the Sewer Centipedes from up here through a ranged strike to remove them ahead of time. You’ll be heading dvery own to the toxic sludge quickly. Grab the Blooming Purple Moss Clumps from the corpse on the best, then head down to the toxic sludge.

Once you have cleared out all the Sewer Centipedes from the sludge, go about and also collect the items in the muck. Try not to stay in the sludge for as well lengthy in order to stop coming to be Toxic. Keep some purple moss clump handy in your quick items in instance you come to be poisoned. You have the right to attain a Poison Gem and Cursebite Ring from the swamp corpses. On the far side is an additional Sewer Centipede next to a little island that has a Purging Stone.


Go up the stone ramp ahead of wright here you found the Purging Stone, and also climb the ladder. Curve approximately the outer corner, drop down to the reduced roofheight, then drop down aobtain. This leads you to an open doorway and corridor. Open the doors ahead to uncover some hand-like abominations guarding an item. The best means to resolve these monstrosities is to dodge, attack, then back away. Repeat this process till they are dead. You have the right to likewise attract them external, climb ago up the ladder, and also usage a ranged attack from the top rooftop to avoid having to fight in the poiboy sludge.

Eliminating these abominations rewards you through the Eleonora weapon. Go up the actions at the back of the room to grab the Purging Stones. Afterward, head earlier out and climb up the ladder once more. Curve around the outer corner, and this time enter the hole in the wall on the higher component of the tower. You’ll find another handy monstrosity inside.

Kill the creature, then destroy the pots in front of the altar to expose an item corpse that holds a Court Sorcerer Set. Behind the altar is a Mimic chest. Defeat the Mimic to obtain a Court Sorcerer’s Staff. The corpse dvery own the procedures on the best just holds some Rubbish. Dropping dvery own from this ledge leads earlier to the bonfire, however don’t leave simply yet. There are still more essential items to collect.


Go back outside and continue up the stairs to the appropriate. Watch out for the Unkindled on the rooftop on the best. This enemy wields a 2 handed magic weapon that has rather a much reach. Dodge his swings, and immediately assault afterward to deal damage and also take down this enemy to attain Logan’s Scroll.

The corpse on the right edge of the roofoptimal holds some Poison Arrows. Drop dvery own the opening into the center of the tower, and pick up the Wrath of Gods miracle spell on optimal of the altar. This is the very same room via the Mimic chest you were in just a moment back. Head back exterior.

Go halfmethod up the stairsituation again and also acquire back onto the rooftop wright here the Unkindled as soon as stood. Jump throughout to the open home window on the adjacent wall throughout the stairs. Inside, you’ll uncover Siegward of Catarina locked in a cell. If you explored Irithyll Dungeon previously and acquired the Old Cell Key, you can currently usage it to open up the cell gate. Speak through Siegward to receive a Titanite Slab and also progression his storyline. Pillage the corpse in the edge to achieve a Covetous Gold Serpent Ring, then head back out to the stairs as soon as more.


Continue all the means up the stairs to reach a new section of Irithyll Dungeon. There are two Jailers straight ahead of the doormethod, yet they are invisible. Attack the nothingness in front of the doormethod to expose the Jailers and fight them if you wish, though you deserve to simply disregard them and continue dvery own the hallmeans rather. Collect the Jailer’s Key Ring at the finish of the hall. Use these keys to free Karla from her cell in Irithyll Dungeon, in the room wbelow multiple Jailers patrol.

Backtrack a couple of steps until you reach a gap in the wall. You will certainly view the room wbelow the Giant rests that you encountered in the dungeon. You can proceed through the dungeon once more if you wish. At this point you have actually completed the optional area of the Profaned Capital. To return to the bonfire, head back to the room via the altar where you battled the single handy monstrosity. Drop dvery own from the ledge at the back stairs where you discovered the Rubbish. Climb the ladder on the appropriate to return to the tower that residences the Profaned Capital Bonfire.

Direct Route to Yhorm

This route bypasses the optional items in the Profaned Capital, and also rather leads you directly to the boss fight through Yhorm the Giant. If you have actually been adhering to Siegward’s quests up until this suggest, we recommfinish taking the optional route instead in order to seek his storyline entirely. If you simply desire to reach the boss, then follow along with our measures listed below.

Starting at the Profaned Capital Bonfire, climb down the adjacent ladder that overlooks the bridge. Ahead will be a bridge via yet another Gargoyle patrolling the rocky path. Keep in mind the group of Jailer Handmaids better away on the ledge below. These enemies will shoot fireround attacks at you as you cross the bridge, which have the right to be a actual pain once fighting the Gargoyle at the very same time.

We suggest luring the Gargoyle closer to the ladder so that you have the right to have even more area to fight and also relocate about. This will certainly likewise allow you to dodge fireballs more easily. Defeat the Gargoyle, then continue throughout the bridge to collect some Onislayer Greatarrows about halfway down. At the various other side of the bridge is a corpse that holds a Large Soul of a Weary Warrior.

Go via the archmethod and also enter the dark corridor that diverges left and right. Dvery own to the left you’ll check out a group of Jailer Handmaids facing the wall. Tright here is additionally an additional Gargoyle off to the appropriate. Ignore the handmaids, unmuch less you really feel favor fighting them. Cut dvery own the Gargoyle, and also proceed with the corridor. The doormeans to the right leads to the group of Jailer Handmaids that were shooting at you along the bridge earlier. To the left is the doormethod to the boss.

If you want some added loot, defeat the handmaids surrounding the flaming altar, and continue alengthy the outer course. Tright here are two Rusted Coins you deserve to pick up: one at the end of the course, and also one more close to a wall surface to the best.

Rerotate to the large corridor, and also proceed to the appropriate. You’ll encounter an additional group of Jailer Handmaids near the much wall. There are about nine of them this time. Also, one more Gargoyle waits on the upper right wall, all set to strike once you get as well close. Try to entice individual handmaids amethod from the team by making use of a ranged strike. When the Gargoyle drops down, kite him further down the corridor away from the group to fight him alone.

After beating the Jailer Handmaids and also the Gargoyle, go collect the loot. The chest on the ideal contains an Ember. However, the 2 chests wbelow the handmaids were standing are both Mimics. Defeat both Mimic chests to obtain a Greatshield of Glory and also Rusted Gold Coin.

The hallmeans in the facility of the corridor leads to the boss chamber of Yhorm the Giant. If you are all set to take on this goliath, proceed onto our boss battle section below.

Boss Battle: Yhorm the Giant

Yhorm the Giant rises from his throne on the far side of the chamber. For this boss fight, you will certainly need a unique weapon. Depending on whether you retained up via Siegward’s storyline and also freed him from his cell previously, Siegward will present up at the boss room to assist you defeat Yhorm.


You may have noticed that you do extremely bit damages to Yhorm via your tools, no matter what you usage. That’s because you need a unique weapon to successfully damages Yhorm. Siegward has actually one of these tools, and also one more is uncovered on the much side of the boss room. If Siegward is tbelow to assist, he will execute most of the job-related for you.

If you don’t have actually Siegward there to help, you will certainly should obtain your very own Storm Ruler weapon rather. Run to the much side of the room and pick up the Storm Ruler from the item corpse in front of the throne. Equipping this weapon during fight can be a little tricky, since you are most likely being attacked by Yhorm at this allude. If you are quick sufficient, you should be able to equip the Storm Ruler in in between attacks. The other option is to usage a Homeward Bone to conveniently leave the boss battle. Equip the weapon and also return to the fight.

When you have the Storm Ruler equipped, you’ll need to appropriately usage its stance to be reliable versus Yhorm. Switch to the two-handed stance by pressing Triangle on PS4 or Y on Xbox One, then usage your unique attack to charge the Storm Ruler through a surge of wind. You’ll view the wind whirling around the weapon as it charges. When the wind animation does a white burst, be ready to unleash your assault on Yhorm.


Use the charged strike to inflict damages on Yhorm, making sure to be locked on prior to doing so to ensure you don’t miss out on. The Storm Ruler takes a few moments to charge up, and the charge attack itself drains a lot of of your toughness. Move to the far finish of the room ameans from Yhorm to prepare your charge strike and land also a hit each time.

When Yhorm the Giant reaches nearly half health, he will incorpoprice even more fire strikes to his pattern. Watch out for the fire blasts, and also be prepared to dodge his consistent strikes that occur more commonly. Maintain a safe distance to prevent acquiring injured and to setup your charge strikes as necessary.


Once Yhorm is defeated you will receive the Cinders of a Lord, and the Soul of Yhorm the Giant. If Siegward aided you in the time of the battle, be sure to chat via him after the fight.

Depending on whether you’ve defeated each Lord of Cinder up till currently, you may be transported to the High Wall of Lothric automatically after this fight, wright here you will confront off versus the Dancer of the Bogenuine Valley.

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Now that you have completed the Profaned Capital, proceed on to the following walkthrough area, or go back to our Dark Souls 3 Walkwith and Guide for even more attributes.