How to get to iphone setup assistant

After upgrading my 3GS to iOS 6, I had to make an urgent phone contact. Hence, once the iOS 6 setup wizard confirmed, I simply hit "skip", "continue", and "accept" whenever feasible.

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Now that the phone speak to is made and also I have time to spare, I"d like to go via the setup aacquire. Is it feasible to rebegin the setup wizard (without having actually to regain my device and also reinstall iOS 6)?

If this is not possible, which settings have to I inspect and also which measures need to I require to make sure every little thing is erected correctly?



If I recall appropriately - perhaps others have the right to help flesh out any type of missing details - the setup wizard mainly lets you authorize in with / authorize up for an ID to use for iCloud, it asks you to agree to the iCloud Terms of Service, and also it asks around setting up Location Services.

All of these deserve to be accessed directly through the Setups application at any kind of time. I don"t believe you will certainly miss out on any kind of vital usability by lacking the wizard, especially if you were previously utilizing your iPhone with iCloud in iOS5.

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Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Setups. After a reboot, you will be on the setup screen.

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Rather choose Setups > General > Recollection > Recollection All Setups. This will just recollection all the customized settings and will not rerelocate your information which the other answer will certainly perform.


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