There’s a lot to execute in High Wevery one of Lothric, yet if you’ve acquired the moment you deserve to slay the dragon and also complimentary Greirat!


Tbelow are undead hounds in the location below that may spot you while you’re taking out the ranged opponent. If this happens, they will certainly run up the stairs to assault. Be prepared to communicate them if vital. Once the ranged opponent has been taken treatment of, head dvery own the stairs to take out the 2 hounds listed below if you haven’t already.

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At the finish of the path you’ll uncover one more adversary patrolling the stairs. The opponent has a long axe and also more wellness than many of the adversaries you’ve dealt with to this suggest. Take a little even more caution as you fight this foe and also dodge his axe so you have the right to attack from behind.

With the opponents dvery own you have two courses you deserve to take. The initially is halfmeans dvery own the route on the left, heading down the stairs there. The second is heading up the stairs on the much side. Make note of the opponents that may walk up the stairs to the left, however start through the stairs on the much side.

At the optimal of the stairs you’ll discover two adversaries. The initially has actually a crossbow and also is reasonably simple to take dvery own. However before, as soon as you approach the ranged enemy the undead standing alongside him changes into a mutated form and becomes very deadly. If you’re fast enough you deserve to kill the foe before it mutates. However before, if you’re as well slow-moving you have to treat this opponent almost prefer you would a boss battle. It has actually long-getting to strikes and will strike multiple times in a row. If you dodge the initial assault you have the right to relocate around behind it and also attack while it proceeds with its multi-hit barrage.


Defeat the adversary and also collect the Titanite Shard and also Ember it leaves behind, then collect the Longbow and also 12 Standard Arrows on the nearby corpse. Head earlier dvery own the stairs and take the second collection of stairs, now on the right as you relocate dvery own the route. Take out the axe-wielding undead that patrols the stairs then circle around to the ideal once you reach the bottom.

Kill the enemy sitting on the ground and also pick up the Soul of a Deserted Corpse to the appropriate. If you revolve approximately, there’s a gate on the right, yet it can’t be opened from this side. At this allude you’ve done all you have the right to in this small location so head ago to the bonfire.

Make your way dvery own the stairs to the instant left of the bonfire to discover three opponents and a group of undead that are in pain. The undead in pain will certainly not attack you, but you have the right to still kill them and earn souls. Whatever you select to execute, be mindful of their positions as your attacks can hit them instead of the adversaries that are attacking.

Once the location is clear of adversaries, collect the Soul of a Deserted Corpse on the body to the left then move to the left of the stairs to uncover an additional flight of stairs heading up. At the height of the stairs you’ll check out a couple of even more harmmuch less adversaries to the prompt ideal, through a patrolling enemy ahead. As you technique the patrolling foe screeches, which awakens 3 more enemies off to the ideal and also one more enemy at the height of the stairs to the left. The foe at the top of the stairs throws firebombs in your direction so either take him out initially or remain on the move to prevent the explosions.

When you head up the stairs to take dvery own the adversary, an additional foe will certainly attack from the same direction. Clear the enemies then collect the Binoculars from the corpse close to the closed door. Go earlier dvery own near the dead dragon and also relocate behind it to find an opening in the wall close to the left wing. You have the right to drop dvery own right here to the ledge below, which leads to a short hallmeans with an item corpse at the end.



Collect the two Gold Pine Resin from the corpse, then drop dvery own into the room listed below. This is the same room you passed before as soon as you went approximately the location you just dropped down from. The stairs heading dvery own brought about this room so you’ve essentially made a complete circle currently.

There are two opponents in this room. The first is sitting on the ground to the left of where you enter, while the second is throughout from the entrance behind the stacked cprices. Take care of the enemy to the left first, then communicate the opponent across the room. It’s finest to roll right into crates to remove them so you can potentially find items, or in this case, have instant accessibility to an adversary. Head to the much left edge of the room to find two Firebombs on a corpse. There’s another item just ideal of the entrance, yet you can’t accessibility it from this direction.

Collect the Firebombs then head dvery own the ladder in the middle of the room. Continue via the open up door and also pick up the Soul of a Deserted Corpse alongside the table on the best. Head with the doorway in the far left edge to discover a number of opponents down the next path. Depending on wright here you move in this area, a large dragon flies down and also lights the location on fire. As soon as you hear a screech from the dragon, move up the stairs close to where you came in, or dvery own to the route listed below. If you were on the stairs heading to the location over, go to the bottom of the stairs. If you were on the lower route, run over to step on the stairs.

The dragon will certainly engulf either the upper or lower location in flame and also then remajor in position. This cuts off your accessibility to the upper area, yet you will certainly have the ability to accessibility that area quickly enough. You can use the dragon to your benefit by enabling its flame breath to kill every one of the enemies that stand also in your method.


If the dragon doesn’t appear (it will, give it time) take out the 2 closest opponents prior to you engage the others at the end of the path. Two of the enemies have crossbows, so be wary of their ranged assaults as you interact the others. If you still haven’t checked out the dragon, head up the stairs close to wright here you gotten in the area and also it will fly dvery own. If you carry out not want to battle the dragon (optional) skip ahead five paragraphs.

If you’ve obtained some time on your hands and a ranged weapon via the majority of ammunition, you deserve to take dvery own the dragon. Ssuggest stand also on the wooden platcreate halfmethod up the stairs wright here you won’t be hit by the dragon breath, and also aim your bow or desired ranged weapon at the dragon’s head. The dragon follows a couple of various trends, yet will reduced its head after eincredibly one or two fire blasts relying on the present pattern. The head always lowers to the precise same spot and remains tright here lengthy enough for you to fire an arrow.



You should inflict just over 2,200 damages before the dragon will fly off. When this happens you will certainly earn yourself a Large Titanite Shard. Averaging around 43 damage per arrow, it took about 50 arrows prior to the dragon flew off. If you account for a few misses or if you went via a various character develop you may desire to be totally stocked with ammunition before you take on the dragon.

With the dragon down you deserve to now undertaking approximately the top of the stairs and collect a Club, Ember, Raw Gem, Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse and also a Claymore. Your haul may vary slightly depending on what the enemies in the upper area dropped.

On the much side of the top area you can open up the gate and also head dvery own the stairs in the room beyond. There’s a chest on the far side, but do not attempt to open it. This is not a normal chest, however a Mimic. Attack the Mimic and it will certainly expose itself and also chase after you. It has actually quite a little of wellness, but if you circle about it the Mimic will have difficulty hitting you. Defeat the Mimic to attain a Deep Battle Axe weapon.


Climb up the ladder and also open the gate to find yourself in the same area you’d be if you’d taken the lower route and also avoided the dragon. A knight assaults from the far side with one more enemy sitting dvery own to the best of the gate and also a 3rd opponent up the stairs to the left.

If you opt not to spend time handling the dragon, instantly after the dragon breaths fire, run down to the much end of the course and also up the stairs at the end. When you reach the upper walkway take out the opponents sitting on the ground and prepare to interact the knight the method from the far side. When you assault the Knight it will certainly block many of your attacks via its shield. Depfinishing on your class, you have the right to circle about behind it and usage a backstab, or you’ll should dodge it’s three-hit combo strikes and also then follow through an assault of your very own before it moves its shield earlier right into place.

With the enemies dvery own, collect the Soul of a Deserted Corpse on the elevated ledge. On one finish of the route is a gate that cannot be opened from this side. Head up the stairs on the various other end of the path and into the room ahead. There’s an enemy standing by the cprices to the left and also two more adversaries in the reduced percent of this room. Take dvery own the opponent to the left, then relocate to the finish of the beam to collect the 3 Firebombs on the corpse.

Head up the stairs on the far left side of the room (ignore the lower location for now) and light the Tower on the Wall surface bonfire. Circle about to the corner on the far right side to discover a corpse that holds a Titanite Shard, then head ago dvery own the stairs.


Go down the stairs in the next room and also take out the two enemies on the reduced level. There’s a ladder below that leads to the Mail Breaker weapon and some Throwing Knives, as well as a prisoner that you can’t totally free yet. If you wish to partake in this bit detour store reading, otherwise skip the next three paragraphs.

Climb down the ladder and kill the axe-wielding opponent listed below. The gate on one side of the room is locked, so head dvery own the stairs on the other side of the room. The adversary behind the cprices ahead will certainly throw firebombs at you. Be mindful of the truth that many kind of of the crates and also barrels in the room are explosive and also will certainly ignite if the firebombs hit them. Get the enemy’s attention, then back ameans from the cprices and barrels until the foe clears them via his firebombs. Once the explosive danger is clear, relocate in and also take down the foe.

Collect the eight Throwing Knives on the corpse to the best of the entrance, then head right into the following room and take care of the foe to the left. Pick up the Mail Breaker weapon on the corpse, then head down the next trip of stairs on the far side of the room to discover a locked cell with a prisoner inside. Right now you perform not have actually the Cell Key you require, yet you will have it soon if you continue to follow this walkvia.

When you get the Cell Key you can open the cell and also stop with Greirat of the Undead Settlement inside. He gives you the Blue Tearstone Ring if you accept his research for you to provide it to Loretta. Accepting his quest additionally moves Greirat to Fireconnect Shrine wright here he deserve to be found down the stairs to the left of the blacksmith. At the minute you cannot free Greirat, so head earlier to the room where you originally climbed dvery own the ladder.

Head through the doormeans on the far side of the room to find a corpse in the corner to the ideal that holds Soul of a Deserted Corpse. Two adversaries will certainly strike from the area ahead, so take them dvery own before you problem around the soul. Climb dvery own the ladder at the end of the path.

Across the rooftops tbelow are a group of undead worshipers and one foe that will mutate. Quickly run up to the mutating adversary to kill it before it mutates. Pick up the three Firebombs on the roof simply ahead of the worshipers and also the foe will certainly begin moving toward you prior to mutating. If you fight and kill the adversary it will certainly drop a Titanite Shard and an Ember just prefer the last one.

On the much side of the roof, past the adversary, there’s a corpse that holds a Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse and a Crystal Lizard that will attempt to scurry ameans. If you deserve to capture it and also kill the Crystal Lizard, it drops a Raw Gem and also will certainly not regenerate. Kill the Crystal Lizard can collect the loot, then go down the ladder on the far ideal side of the roofheight.


An enemy via a crossbow strikes as quickly as you reach the bottom of the ladder so be prepared to avoid or block it. Take dvery own the ranged adversary, then head to the best of the ladder (facing the ladder) to relocate down onto the roofheight and also find 3 Black Firebombs on the corpse below. Go back up and also move around the corner to discover two more ranged adversaries. As you move closer to these opponents 2 others will attack. Be mindful not to autumn off the roof as you connect this group of enemies.

At the finish of this course is a corpse that holds three Firebombs. You have the right to go dvery own the ladder to the best or head inside the room you just passed (close to the base of the other ladder you simply came down) to collect some loot and inevitably loop approximately to the same location. If you wish to skip the extra loot, jump down nine paragraphs. If you continue down the ladder you’ll find 2 opponents below. One is sitting on the ground and also the other will certainly climb over the left ledge. In the courtyard beyond is wbelow you end up if you take the longer method with more loot.

Go earlier and also head inside the room and also a knight shows up via the doormeans on the much side. Take down the knight then look just past the doormethod on the left to find a corpse that holds the Soul of a Deserted Corpse. Head with the doorway on the left to discover a ranged enemy on the stairs, one more adversary to the instant left of the doorway (who will certainly attempt to ambush you) and also a third opponent hiding behind the big vases to the left.

Move inside the room to acquire the attention of the opponent to the left, then action ago external so you don’t have to attend to the ranged opponent. Finish off both of these adversaries, then roll through the vases to reveal an item corpse and also the last opponent. Kill the foe then collect the 2 Undead Hunter Charms from the item corpse.

Continue up the stairs to uncover an additional foe waiting to ambush you to the ideal of the entrance as you relocate into the following room. A second enemy hangs off the ledge to the left and will strike as shortly as you relocate toward the left side of the room. Clear the enemies then collect the Titanite Shard on the corpse in the corner of the room.

Go ago to the room wright here you fought the knight and also head via the doormeans to the left. To the prompt ideal you’ll see a wood wheel and also a couple of cprices. Roll through this junk to clear a course, then head dvery own the hallmethod and also approximately the corner to uncover a corpse at the finish of the balcony that holds two Eco-friendly Blossoms.


Go earlier to the hallway and continue left, yet watch out for the enemy waiting to ambush you to the left. You deserve to view the opponent from the balcony where you discovered the Environment-friendly Blossoms. In the corner of the room wbelow the opponent was waiting, roll with the cprices to uncover a Broadsword.

Continue down the hallway and also then down the stairs at the finish to enter the following room listed below. There are stairs to the left, yet first head dvery own the path to the right and through the doormeans at the finish. Kill the adversary to the instant left, then open up the chest to uncover a Silver Eagle Kite Shield. Kill the second adversary at the end of the hall, then head back to the entrance of the room and proceed down the stairs.

In the room listed below are three heavier adversaries and two hounds. If you have actually a ranged weapon easily accessible use it to attack the hound and either kill it or attract the hound up the stairs so you can fight it without worrying about the other enemies. Try to tempt in one opponent at a time so you don’t gain overwhelmed in this room. If you’re adept with a firebomb you can toss it at among the many kind of explosive barrels in the room to complete off the adversaries faster.

Once the adversaries are down, look in the tiny alcoves simply below the stairs to find an object corpse behind the crates. Roll with the cprices to clear a route, then collect the Titanite Shard. Sitting on the anvil on the much side of the room you’ll discover an Estus Shard.

At this allude you have the right to relocate down the stairs in the corner of the room or through the opening on the far side. Head down the stairs to take out the second hound if you haven’t already, then collect the Cell Key at the bottom. You currently have two paths you can take, go out onto the balcony (through the doormeans to the best of the anvil), or head earlier to the ladder by the 2 ranged enemies. Both courses cause the very same destination. If you head out to the balcony roll through the cprices to the right and also drop down to the lower area below. You’ll take a tiny little bit of autumn damage though.

No matter which route you pick, in the open up location you’ll uncover one huge enemy patrolling. This foe is exceptionally dangerous. He has actually long reach and also casts a magic spell that covers a wide distance. If you have actually ranged strikes it’s relatively simple to circle around the location as you progressively whittle down his health. Fighting it via melee tools is considerably more difficult but still possible if you protect against the enemy’s close-variety spinning assault and dodge it’s long-reaching swings.

However before you decide to resolve the adversary, it doesn’t drop anything distinct (and also periodically won’t drop anything), yet you will certainly uncover 2 Embers on the item corpses approximately the center fountain, and a Rapier weapon on the corpse on the corner (guarded by an foe sitting beside it).

Collect the loot then head with the large opening near one of the fires on the much side of the location. To the best there are two enemies on the stairs, one with a ranged weapon and one that won’t attack till you get closer. To the left is a corpse holding a Soul of a Deserted Corpse. And a much larger location dvery own the stairs surrounding.

For currently, collect the loot and also kill the enemies, then head up the stairs wbelow the enemies were standing. What shows up to be a lone opponent waits in the courtyard ahead. However before, as shortly as you method 4 even more opponents climb over the ledge and attack. These other adversaries are exceptionally weak, but if you wait near the entrance to the courtyard you can lure the major foe toward you and end up him off before garnering the attention of the others.

Take care of the opponents, then look toward the entrance you simply came in through to check out a things corpse to the appropriate. Pick up the 3 Green Blossoms on the corpse then continue via the doormethod on the much side to find an elevator. Step onto the switch in the middle of the lift to move as much as the height floor. On one side of the room is a corpse holding 6 Throwing Knives. Collect the loot then open the gate on the various other side of the room to create a shortreduced ago to the Tower on the Wall bonfire.

If you head up the stairs below you’ll discover the bonfire up the next trip of stairs to the best. If you’ve passed away or stopped at a bonfire and also the opponents have respawned beware of the two opponents to the appropriate, simply past the gate, the group of adversaries up the first flight of stairs, and the ranged opponent close to the bonfire.

Turn approximately and head ago, going up the initially collection of stairs to the best after you pass the courtyard where you were ambumelted. On the platform above there’s a corpse holding a Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse. Collect the item then head ago dvery own the stairs and proceed straight ahead into the big courtyard.


Two knights wait in the area listed below. Draw them up the stairs one at a time so you don’t need to fight them both at when. With both opponents out of the means you have three paths you deserve to take as soon as you go down the stairs right into the big courtyard. You deserve to go up the stairs to the left, up the stairs to the best, or dvery own the stairs to the ideal.

If you’re searching for the boss, head dvery own the stairs to the best, however there’s even more experimenting to do first. For currently head up the stairs to the left to see more stairs heading up on either side of the path and 2 huge open doors straight ahead. Head up the stairs to the ideal to find an additional knight patrolling the upper walkway. Kill him and collect the Lucerne weapon on the corpse to the appropriate. The stairs ahead lead ago dvery own to the area you were just at.

Across the method heading up the stairs on the various other side you’ll find a knight in blue dealing with the wall. Use this possibility to score a backstab and also take as much health as possible. This is a possessed knight who will certainly be rather stronger than the other knights you’ve confronted to this point. When you defeat him you achieve a Refined Gem.

With the adversaries out of the method head through the open doors to find a big room through Emma, High Priestess of Lothric Castle sitting on the far finish. Soptimal with her when and also she will certainly offer you a Small Lothric Banner you will require later. Speak via her a second time to obtain a Way of the Blue covenant insignia.


Head ago via the double doors and also all the way down the stairs. You’ll uncover 2 opponents on the bottom flight of stairs with a ranged opponent attacking from the right alongside them. Finish off the three adversaries then head into the room ahead for fight versus the boss, Vordt of the Boactual Valley. Approach the door at the finish of the room to initiate the battle.

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Continue on to the boss battle against Vordt of the Bogenuine Valley or head ago to our Dark Souls 3 walkthrough and also guide.