Site 6 is a location you"ll visit in the primary story questline of Destiny: Rise of Iron, yet you"d be foroffered for forgetting that - and exactly how to gain tbelow. It"s not simple to orient yourself via Splicers firing at you constantly, is it?

You"ll desire to visit Site 6 in the time of your pursuit to track down all the Iron Medallions for the pursuit Beauty of Destruction - a vital step in the Echoes of the Past Exotic questline for the Year 3 and Iron Gjallarhorn.

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So how carry out you get back to Site 6? basically, you should follow the tunnels from the Archon"s Forge arena. Need a little more aid than that? Here you go:

1. Spawn right into the Plaguelands Patrol zone and head to Archon"s KeepYou start standing above a path leading left or best. Take the best route and zoom with Giant"s Husk and Doomed Sea, and Archon"s Keep is the following zone you pertained to. If in doubt, bring up your Gorganize to inspect your area, and watch for the change notices as you cross borders.2. Go into the Archon"s Forge ArenaArchon"s Fore is a public occasion arena in the middle of the Archon"s Keep zone. From all over in the location you need to be able to view the looming central structure which residences it. Circle it to uncover the entrance. Follow the corridors inside to reach the arena.3. Look for a tunnel from Archon"s Forge to the WarrensDrop dvery own into the Archon"s Forge arena (you can need to wait for an occasion to end) and hug the left wall. Ultimately you"ll pertained to the crack in the wall shown listed below. Close up you"ll view you can climb in and also follow it to a brand-new zone called the Warrens.


4. Find the tunnel leading from the Warrens to Site 6As soon as your HUD reflects that you"re in the Warrens, look for a ledge dropping down ideal in front of you. As quickly as you loss dvery own this, revolve left and hug the left wall to find another tunnel. You can watch it in the screenswarm below.

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5. Bear left in the tunnel to discover a small opening bring about Site 6Kewep your eyes peeled (and also your brightness up!) as you move via the second tunnel to encertain you don"t miss out on the tiny entrance to Site 6. You have to crawl and make sharp transforms to gain via this route.


6. Drop down right into Site 6At the end of the tiny, twisty tunnel, you"ll be in Site 6. Hooray!

Make sure you grab the Iron Medallion in Site 6 - sudepend that"s what you came for?