Is earning $1.000.000 in The Crew taking too long? You will certainly need it if you want the fastests cars! Luckely you can actually execute it in a couple of hours, as long as you recognize how!

At the begin of the game the amount of “bucks” earned could seem a small slow. But once you recognize what to carry out you will earn thousands of hundreds of “bucks” prior to you recognize it! This guide will demonstrate how you can conveniently “grind” money from landmarks and also faction objectives.

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Make money from Landmarks (level 1+)

Landmarks can be discovered throughout the world of The Crew. Each time you “visit” such a landnote (by pressing enter) you will certainly obtain $2000 and 50 XP. This could not seem favor much however you can execute them exceptionally easily, once you know how.

The Crew Hoover Dam Landmark

At first you could try to discover them and drive to them. However before this will take a while and also will probably mean you have the right to just discover around 6 per hour. However tright here is a much better way!

Tip 1: Unlock a data terminal in The Crew

The tutorial confirmed you exactly how to unlock your initially information terminal. However before you will need to uncover and also unlock a lot more! Start by finding and also unlocking some of these radar dishes.

A Radar Dish in The Crew amounts to a data terminal.

Tip 2: Use the Exploration filter in The Crew

Once you have a few information stations unlocked it is time to discover some Landmarks. Go back to your map and set the filters to “Exploration”. On COMPUTER you have the right to usage the > key to pick filters.

Landmarks popping up everywhere Chicearlier and also Detroit. Eco-friendly landmarks have actually currently been visited.

Step 3: Fast travel to each landmark

If you click a landnote it will present the choice to quick take a trip (note: It will need to be in a part of the map that is currently discovered).

Now it will certainly present all landmarks within your data station (radar dish) coverage! All that is left to carry out now is quick travelling to each among them. Depending on your fill speed you deserve to execute around 1 per minute. Meaning you have the right to earn 60 * $2000 per hour=$120.000 per hour! Not poor right? The just downside is that you have the right to just perform this when.

Make money by sfinishing your friends on factivity missions

Once you hit level 10 and also equip your dirt spec you unlock the capability to join a factivity. Only the Wolves will certainly be accessible at first. Now all throughout the Crew little bit Wolve icons will begin to popup (depending on just how many kind of information stations you have actually unlocked). These missions will certainly have actually a really high cash reward however will certainly take most time. For example in New York you can find The Fugutive which gives 12342 XP and $64504 yet takes even more than 1 hour to complete! Now obviously we are not gonna do that. Instead we will certainly usage the “Send friends” alternative.

Step1 : Find a factivity mission on your map


Step2: click on sfinish Friends


Step3: Add friends


Now you deserve to include friends to finish the race for you. The better the level of your friend, the much better your chance of success. Once you unlock the Las Vegas HQ you deserve to spend perk points to sfinish extra friends on the exact same mission, thereby boosting your opportunities of success.

Tip 4: launch missions


When you are satisfied via assigning your friends simply press escape to go ago one step and also then select Launch mission.

Tip 5 be patient


Now simply be patient while the race is completed.

Step 6 Collect reward

After 3 hours you will discover out if your friends were successful (note your friends perform not actually have to drive the mission). If the missions was a success you will receive about $12.000 bucks. This value will increase over time as you gain reputation suffer from completing these goals.

Efficiency – $1.92 Million per hour spend / $53.333 per hour realtime

There are 10 goals that have a high buck payout. Two added faction missions will unlock at each district. Depending on your rank these will each provide you approximately $16.000. Meaning that by investing 5 minutes in sending friend you will certainly ultimately earn $160.000. Because of this efficiency is about €1.920.000 per hour spfinish on sfinishing friends. Compare that to a 60 minute race offering you €80.000 ;).

Just realize that you deserve to only perform this around 4 times a day, if you want to obtain some sleep ;). Thus you are limited also 4 x 10 x $12.000 = $480.000. After a couple of days your faction rank will certainly be greater and this will increase to 4 x 10 x $16.000 = $640.000.

More resources of income

Tbelow are even more means to make money in The Crew. They might not all be very efficiënt in regards to time spend yet it will certainly be good to have at leastern heard of them…

Daily Salary – $1.000-10.000/day

Eincredibly day you log in The Crew you will certainly get your everyday salary. This salary is based on your factivity standing. The better your rank, the better your dialy salary.


Besides unlocking license plates awards likewise rise your day-to-day salary. Awards are got for sindicate driving around (landmarks, visiting unique locations, etc). Thanks Fr8shakerd8n 


Perks deserve to both rise your revenue and conserve you money. Tright here are perks that permit you to obtain more bucks from objectives, skill obstacles and stunts. There are also perks that reduce the cost of purchasing brand-new cars by approximately 30%. The same is true for upgrade parts.


Misionary: 10% additional $ from objectives (and xp)The Crew : 10% added coop bonus $ from missions (and xp)


Dealer discount: -30% on all vehicle purchase costs


Skills pay bills: 10% additional $ from skills (and also xp)


Daredevil: 10% extra $ from stunts

The Crew PvP – $96.000/hour

Everytime you win a race in PvP you seem to earn about 16.000 bucks. Not poor for a 5 minute race right?

Factivity missions – $80.000/hour

Besides sending your friend on faction objectives, like previously in this overview, you deserve to additionally race them yourself. At my current rank a 1 hour race will certainly offer me $80.000 bucks. It can be a little boring yet if you have actually the moment then it is definately worth discovering.

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Was this guide helpful? Did you uncover an additional awesome means to make money in The Crew? Please share in the comments.