How to get little skype window back

With the brand-new Skype for Windows10 (v8.29.0.50), Microsoft has actually presented an annoying feature: in the time of video calls, the display is split in fifty percent via my video on the ideal side and also my correspondent"s video on the left side.

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How to gain back the default view, through my correspondent"s video in full display screen and also my video in a tiny resizable window?


We deserve to try the following way:

Click the video of you.

This provides a tiny manage appear at the top-left edge of the video preview.

Drag the handle to readjust the video size. The preview video window will certainly obtain bigger as you drag exterior. To reduce the size of the preview video, drag the take care of ago dvery own and also to the ideal till it looks the method you want it.

You deserve to redimension the video whether or not you’re in full display screen mode.

If you want to relocate the video of you to another area, just click and drag it to a various location.

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For details we have the right to refer to: How to Resize a Skype Video Chat on PC or Mac

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