Guide to Free Video Game of War Gold1. Earning Gold Thstormy Completing EventsWarning: Stronghold 22 and also 23 Upgrades2. Earn Free Gold by Upgrading Your Treasury4. Build a Gold Mine for Free
Guide to Free Game of War Gold

It’s true you have to spfinish some money in Video Game of War in order to get gold, yet it’s less than you can think if you make the ideal choices with the gold you have. In this article I’ll cover a variety of methods that will aid you earn more gold repetitively once you already have actually a bigger amount saved up.

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1. Earning Gold Thstormy Completing Events

Gold tiles are simply prefer any type of various other resource tile, except they take a lot much longer to gather from. Tbelow are two types of gold tiles: ones that are constantly roughly which take 15 minutes for 1 gold, and also ones that your kingdom earns from winning a kvk which take 15 seconds for 1 gold.

Typically people in your very own kingdom won’t tile attack you when you are farming gold after an event, yet you must constantly be cautious as soon as farming a tile.

If other players are trying to attack you and you have actually an effective account, take into consideration this tile trap strategy that will certainly leave your adversary stunned.

6. Buy Gold Packs Thunstable Amazon

By buying Amazon Coins you deserve to get a discount for buying in bulk and hence pay up to 25% much less for as many type of packs as you desire. You have the right to actually use this technique for any kind of mobile game in the Amazon application save, which has the majority of mobile games.

Check out our complete guide for buying packs via Amazon, then learn just how to buy the best packs for you.

7. Lower Stronghost Levels Offer Easier Events

An ungenerally well-known truth in Video Game of War is that the lower the level of your Strongorganize the less complicated it is to win prizes in occasions. On practically all events newly, farm accounts lvls 11 and also lower that are less energetic have actually a lot much better rewards than accounts that are actively played lvl 15+. This can have actually a couple of implications:

You have the right to usage gold rewards to gift your major account. However before, you can only gift gold gifts if you have bought a $100 gold fill from the keep though.

Personally I don’t have actually a farm, bereason I don’t have patience or time for them. But, I would encourage anyone that does have time to make one. A lot of world have told me they really don’t take a lot time.

Many type of players creating jumper accounts to relocate kingdoms will stay at Strongorganize level 5 for months to complete occasions and stack up a bunch of rewards before jumping.

8. Take Advantage of New Features

When MZ deviates from the norm for some reason, whether they are dvery own for maintenance or they decide to try something new, MZ usually uses greater rewards.

Instances are:

When they opened up the coliseum — tons of gold, material and speed up farming is availableWhen the application shuts dvery own because of maintenance — gold chests appearWhen they skip a kill weekfinish — they boosted the solo occasion rewards significantlyWhen they first introduced kvks — considerable gold rewards

When Video Game of War tries something brand-new or provides a mistake, find ways to take benefit of it, because you frequently have the right to. The excessive rewards will certainly diminish exceptionally conveniently though, so take benefit of them quickly.

9. Athena Gifts

Athena is presently providing amethod thousands of hundreds of gold day-to-day. If you are in a Line room via your alliance keep each other increated of gold gifts from Athena. I saw one this particular day twice for 10,000! This converts into rate ups for study, structure or training. Eexceptionally little bit helps!

If you don’t have actually Line and would certainly prefer to learn even more around making use of this social application to gain knowledge, tips and strategy for Video Game of War then I invite you to check out our GoW Realtips Line Rooms post and join one of our rooms!

Don’t Get Scammed

Just like any type of game in the background of games there are no ways to “cheat the system” and gain limitless gold. Don’t obtain scammed by sketchy sites on the internet that insurance claim that if you downpack their routine you deserve to hack the game.

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Are tbelow any kind of other cost-free methods to earn gold that I missed? If so, please share in the comments below.