This article will certainly present you just how to unlock the sword in Destiny: The Taken king. This needs that you finish a quest from Eris Morn called, A Broken Will. Before you can execute that, yet, there are specific needs that must be met. We’ll define them all, gaining you with this pursuit in around 30 minutes. When you"re done, you will have actually unlocked either the Void Edge, Sol Edge or Arc Edge.

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Important Note: If you are opening the chests and also only obtaining Glimmer, make sure that your inventory is not complete. You cannot obtain the Hadium Flakes if you do not have actually room to keep them.

How to Unlock A Broken Will

Update: In enhancement to completing the story and also the Dread Patrol pursuit, we are also hearing that this will unlock after you find your first Calcified Fragment, which deserve to be acquired from the first mission, The Coming War.

To actually unlock the search you must first complete the main story objectives in Destiny: The Taken King. This contains Regicide, the last mission aboard the Dreadnaught wright here you face Oryx. Once you’re done that, you will must finish an additional search that’s referred to as Dreview Patrol. This pursuit is given out by Cayde-6, and also he can be found in the Hevery one of Guardians at the Tower. You"ll be headed earlier to the Dreadnaught to place beacons down and open up up the patrol choice.

After you finish Dread Patrol, go back to the Tower and sheight through Eris Morn. She"s moved from her old area, and also have the right to now be discovered simply inside the Hevery one of Guardians. She will have a pursuit for you called A Broken Will, and this is exactly how you have the right to get either the Void Edge, Sol Edge or Arc Edge sword.

A Broken Will - Speak to Lord Shaxx

If you speak to Eris Morn you deserve to begin the quest, A Broken Will.

The first part is very basic. Turn around and sheight to Shaxx, that should just be a few feet ameans from wbelow you gained the search from Eris Morn. This is the entire initially component of the quest, and also once you’re done you’ll be heading ago to the Dreadnaught.

A Broken Will - Reforging the Blade


Shaxx will ask you to grab him 25 Hadium Flakes and also carry him 10 Motes of Light. As discussed prior to, this is done on the Dreadnaught. If you have actually completed every one of the procedures as much as this suggest (the story missions and Dread Patrol), you have to have the patrol option unlocked on the Dreadnaught. Head to Orbit, and then choose the Level 35 patrol option aboard Oryx’s ship.


You’ll spawn in at an area called the Hull Breach, and also the direction you desire to travel is toward the middle of the location in front of you. If you look up, you’ll check out a huge ship that has actually craburned into the Dreadnaught, and below it you’ll find a ravine. If you follow that ravine you will certainly finish up in a winding tunnel that inevitably delivers you to an area referred to as the Mausoleum. It’s below that you can conveniently grab your 25 Hadium Flakes. Tright here are most likely various other locations to find these chests, however this was the first and the majority of convenient that we situated.

You deserve to find 2 or three chests eexceptionally time you perform a lap about the Mausoleum.

What you desire to perform is occupational your method about this location in a clockwise fashion. Tbelow will be numerous rooms off to the side, and inside those rooms are chests. Open these chests up much the means you would certainly on any kind of other planet and also you will certainly find the Hadium Flakes you’re trying to find. Tright here tends to just be 2 or 3 chests in this area, so save doing laps and they will proceed to regenerate. If you uncover that they aren’t respawning as quickly as you’d choose, head ago to the Hull Breach area and then return. This will certainly take you all over from 15-30 minutes, relying on just how lucky you obtain.


When you have every one of your Hadium Flakes, return to the Tower and also sheight to Shaxx an additional time. He won’t have an indicator letting you recognize he desires to chat, so just trust us. You’re additionally going to want to lug the 10 Motes of Light with you, and at least 25 Spinmetal, 25 Helium Filaments or 25 Relic Iron. You only need one, but the resource compelled transforms based on the sword you choose.

Arc Edge - 25 SpinmetalSol Edge - 25 Helium FilamentsVoid Edge - 25 Relic Iron

A Broken Will - Withstand also the Elements

After you’ve turned in the forced sources you’ll acquire your choice between 3 swords, and also each one will do a various type of damage. It’s for that reason that we advise you to choose a different damage type for each of your three characters, yet of course you’ll have to repeat the pursuit 2 even more times to gain the various other 2. For now, you will certainly either have actually the Void Edge, Sol Edge or Arc Edge.

Exotic Sword - A Sword Reforged

Once you have actually the Legendary sword you have actually the option to acquire an Exotic. To do this, you have to initially level your Legendary sword’s assault worth as much as at least 280. When you do, Lord Shaxx will current you with another quest, A Sword Reforged. Prepare to spfinish hrs completing this, and also waiting also much longer if you don’t time your activities correctly. When it’s done, but, you will have either the Dark-Drinker, Raze-Lighter, or Bolt-Caster Exotic Sword. It will certainly have actually an attack worth of 310, and a special move that will obliteprice nearly any opponent in Destiny. It’s a game changer.

Step 1: Essential Elements

Obtain 10 Rare Planetary MaterialsObtain 500 Ability Kills

The initially component of this search will take you around an hour, and the kind of reresource you should farm depends on the type of sword you have. Void swords will certainly require Relic Iron, Solar swords will certainly need Spinmetal, and also Arc swords will certainly call for Helium Filaments. The difficulty is, you are in search of a random drop that will certainly just come from the resource itself, not chests. Let us explain.

Now, Guardian, head out on Patrol and try out your new toy. When you’re done, visit our Destiny: The Taken King Walkvia and Guide for all of your Taken King strategy demands.

We have actually a Void sword, and also for this reason had to farm Relic Iron on Mars. We headed out on Patrol and also began utilizing Nightstalker’s enhanced radar to find Relic Iron. After finding around 10 different Relic Iron sources, we got a rare, random drop that provided us a one-of-a-kind product. That gave us 1 of the 10. That we required In a nutshell, you must run around the earth that contains your resource and also farm about 100-150 pieces of the resource it is recognized for, waiting till you gain your 10 rare planetary materials. Be certain to track this quest so you can quickly inspect your development.

When you’re done that, it’s on to the capability kills, which you must be doing as you are farming if you wish to obtain ahead. Aacquire, the ability kills carry out not incorporate weapons, so if you are making use of a Void sword, you cannot use a Void weapon to obtain the kills. They will not count. You need to use your super capacity, grenade and also melee attack. For our Nightstalker subclass with our Hunter, we configured our Shadowswarm with the Quiver modifier, providing us three bolts for eextremely super, killing targets by straight impacting them. We also offered our grenade.

Of course, this component of the pursuit can take a long time, but the good news is you have actually until the following Armsday to obtain it done. If Armsday (Wednesday) is approaching, you might want to gain a move on. Patrolling the Steppes on Planet is a great place to get these, although you might know of a much better spot.

Is tbelow anypoint more beautiful than a 310 exotic sword?

Tip 2: In Good Temper

Speak to Lord Shaxx

Step 3: Armsday Alloys

Wait till the following Armsday

Step 4: Take Up Arms

Soptimal to Lord Shaxx

Tip 5: Sealing the Blade

Defeat the Warden of Oryx and also Alak-Hul, the Darkblade within 30 secs.

This search sounds negative (and it is), but it’s not fairly a horrible as what you might think. You’re going to have to fire up the Sunmuch less Cell Strike at Light 300. If your Light isn’t tright here yet, you’re going to struggle, but it is feasible to pull it off. Be certain to bring your most qualified friends.

Bring a three-perchild fire team through you, and also make certain that you are covering all 3 types of elepsychological damages, as there will be tons of adversaries through shields to take down. Be patient and gradually work-related your means with the Strike until you reach the last boss fight, and also then take the following actions to encertain success.

When the fight kicks off you will check out Alak-Hul, the Darkblade, but you’ll additionally watch 3 various Knights that are known as the Warden of Oryx. Each will certainly have a different name, as well as a various shield form. The one you’re involved with is the one that has the same shield kind as your sword. We had the Void sword, so we had to be concerned via Heolstor, Warden of Oryx. As for the various other two Knights that don’t have the very same shield kind as you sword, simply kill them.

You desire to carry Darkblade’s health and wellness down so it’s in between 5 and 10 percent. You also want to do this with your Warden of Oryx. They need to both be close to fatality. When they are, acquire your fire team prepared, and also encertain that you have actually your super abilities all set to burn these suckers.

Start by killing the Warden of Oryx, which will start a 30 second countdown timer. You won’t check out this, however it’s ticking away just the very same. Your goal is to kill Alak-Hul, the Darkblade within 30 seconds of the Warden of Oryx dying. If you have the right to carry out this, you will certainly have completed this action of the quest, and also it’s on the last.

Tip 6: A Blade Reborn

Do not adjust your resolution, this is the actual size of the sword.Stop to Lord Shaxx

Head earlier to the Tower and sheight to Lord Shaxx aacquire. He’s going to have a 310 Exotic Sword for you, and also it’s significantly bigger than your old one. It also has actually a unique assault that you can unlock by leveling it up, which you have to certainly attempt out. We were smashing nearly any kind of yellow bar in the game with ours, yet of course Light level matters. Oh, and the ideal component is you gain to keep your Legendary sword, so currently you have two.

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The damage type of your Exotic sword relies on the damages type that your Legendary sword has actually. Void for Void, Solar for Solar, and also Arc for Arc, as you may have actually guessed.