Unlocking a new subcourse course in Destiny 2 is pretty basic once initially starting the Forsaken campaign, but unlocking a second subcourse needs one more Seed of Light, which isn’t so clear. Players looking to unlock all three subcourse paths/perks will need to perform a small bit of additional occupational in order to get their hands on a Seed of Light.

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How to acquire one more Seed of Light

Players looking to unlock their second and third subclass routes will certainly must gain their hands on a Seed of Light. To obtain another Seed of Light, the initially step is to end up the Destiny 2: Forsaken project and then unlock the Dreaming City.

Access the Blind Well in the Dreaming City and also then offer a Charge of Light - Tier II to the centre pedestal to begin the event.

With the Dreaming City unlocked, players will certainly need to complete a Tier 2 Blind Well event to earn an additional Seed of Light. The Blind Well task functions in the same method as Escalation Protocol, although players will require a Charge of Light – Tier II in order to begin the event. To reach the Blind Well, begin at the spawn suggest, head ideal and also right into the large framework sculpted into the side of the hill. Continue through the halls until you reach the Blind Well. Alternatively, a basic method to find the Blind Well is to open up the map and also track it, this will certainly apply a waysuggest to your HUD.

Players must not attempt to solo the Blind Well, head in with a complete fireteam, and also also then, it’s best if there are other teams present. A good strategy is to split your fireteam up and also make everyone pack up a separate circumstances of the Dreaming City. Everyone have to then head to the Blind Well and also whoever sees the the majority of players at the Blind Well should have actually the various other players sign up with their session.

Complete Tier 2 Blind Well events till you receive a Seed of Light.

Approach the center pedestal and also discover the slot that accepts the Charge of Light – Tier II. Insert the charge to begin the occasion. Completing the Blind Well is a challenge, so make certain you’re up to speed on just how to clear it. Once the task has actually been completed, the Seed of Light will certainly drop, showing up on the side of the display screen. However before, if it does not immediately show up, it means you will have to perform one more Tier 2 event.

How to get a 3rd Seed of Light

After gaining the second Seed of Light, players will certainly have to obtain one more Seed of Light in order to unlock the last subclass tree. Because just one Seed of Light is dropped from the Blind Well, players will must look somewhere else for their third seed. At the moment, there are two methods of gaining this final Seed of Light: completing the Gateway Between Worlds Weekly Bounty from Petra Venj andbeating Kalli in the Last Wish rhelp. Obviously, the initially option is going to be the much easier choice, given that raiding deserve to be rather demanding.

Simply head to Petra and purchase the bounty, and also then acquire to completing Blind Well occasions till it is completely charge. Head to the Spine of Keres and also provide the providing to the orcale to obtain the last Seed of Light. With the last Seed of Light in hand, players will have the ability to begin the process of totally unlocking the last perk cluster.

Getting the second and also 3rd Seed of Light in Destiny 2: Forsaken is a vital step for upgrading the character, as without them players will certainly be limited to simply one of the new perk clusters. Thankfully, acquiring your hands on 2 more Seeds of Light is as straightforward as completing the Forsaken campaign and also parsoaking up some tasks for Petra Venj - or doing the Last Wish raid.

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