What"s this game all about?

The Legend of Pirates Online is a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) built for players of all ages. Live the life of a Pirate battling fierce opponents, plundering ships on the huge High Seas, and defend the Caribbean from the nefarious Undead Pirate, Jolly Roger!Above you will certainly uncover one of our latest YouTube videos - the Record the Chest development disclose trailer! We plan on developing a game oversee trailer later.

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First Time Aboard?

Before you enter, you must recognize that The Legend of Piprices Online is a fan-made renewal of Disney"s Piprices Online, produced making use of publicly easily accessible downloads and also indevelopment made openly obtainable to the general public.

The best component of all? The Legfinish of Pirates Online is entirely FREE!

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Take a gander at the Parent"s Cove for a in-depth summary of our game and also its safety and security attributes.

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Posted by The Crew on Sept. 19, 2017, midnight


Ahoy, everyone!The day is here! And we’re so excited! Ready the sails, take the wheel! Open Beta launches at 3PM EDT… TODAY!We’ve said it a million times and also we’ll say it again! We couldn’t have obtained here without your assistance. It has actually been a lengthy journey given that September 2015 when we launched Closed Alpha, and we’ve viewed this community grow from 106 members to over 100,000! Namong us might have expected the game to come to be the success it is! Thank you all so much.In situation you’ve been marooned on some desert island also until currently, "Open Beta"means that the game no longer calls for a Beta Key to login, and the 3-hour time limit has been removed! Limitless play and limitless access for everyone, all for totally free, as is our promise to you!Now, we have actually a few fun announcements. We have actually doubled the variety of playable oceans in-game from 8 to 16. This is even more seas than the original game had upon closing. Also, Abassa is running on 250% even more server resources than formerly. Andaba is running on 175% more resources than formerly, and also all various other districts are running on 140% more resources.

Now, without better acarry out, we’re pleased to announce the names of our eight brand-new oceans! You might alert a couple of acquainted ones! They are…Belleza, Bequermo, Exuma, Juntos, Ladrones, Levanta, Sabada, and Temprano. They sign up with our pre-existing oceans: Abassa, Andaba, Aventuraperform, Jovencito, Marineros, Nocivo, Poderoso, and also Valor.

And this wouldn’t be a jiyuushikan.org milerock without some good old-fashioned redeem codes.This time, we havesome all-brand-new, never-before-checked out items! These codes will expire on October 3rd. If you redeem any type of of this items via a complete inventory, you will not obtain the item and also will certainly be unable to redeem it again. Mark ye well, mates!


We’re additionally excited to announce the winners of our recent Talk Like a Piprice Contest! Tbelow were so many type of remarkable entries that we just had to include a sixth winning phrase! These phrases will be in-game when we launch today! Congrats to the winners!


In celebration of this momentousoccasion, we will likewise be hosting a staff member fulfill and also greet at 8PM EDT on Andaba Isla Perdida beach. We hope to view you there!

Oh, and also one last thing. A brand-new launcher style will be releasing soon! You must watch a revamped background and our new logo design as soon as it launches. We’ve also included some extra performance improvements along the way, Savvy? Want a pevaluation at the brand-new design? Take a look at this post’s cover! If you choose the launcher style a lot, you deserve to downpack it and also a ton of other deindications from ourwallpapers page!

That’s all the details we have for now! Thanks aobtain for your support, everyone! It is time to start a new chapter! And we’re so excited to have actually you all here via us.

Fair winds,

The Crew
The Legfinish of Piprices Online

Open Beta FAQs

Q: What will occur to my Beta Key?

A: You won’t be needing it anymore! Previously, Beta Keys permitted players to bypass the queue and session time borders. With Open Beta, all players have actually unlimited playtime! Players who had actually Beta Keys will certainly obtain a reward that will certainly be announced later. Don’t worry! If you don’t have actually a vital, tright here will certainly be a duration of time to redeem any type of unused Beta Keys we may have laying roughly.

Q: What will certainly take place to the 3-hour time limit?

A: It’s gone! Players that previously did not have actually Beta Keys are no much longer logged out after 3 hrs. They are able to play as long as they desire without any type of interruptions!

Q: What will occur to the Queue?

A: The Queue is still current, however will be rarely offered. To encertain that the servers are not overloaded, players might have to wait in the Queue if tright here is high traffic in-game. This is the market typical. Many type of games, especially once opening as much as a big audience, will usage queues to encertain whatever runs smoothly. If the Queue ever pops up, Beta Key holders will certainly no longer have the ability to skip it. Everyone is on an equal playing field.

Q: Will my piprices be wiped? Will we have to start over?

A: Nope! All pirates are undamaged. You must view no effect on your pirate’s progress.

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Q: Does this mean that the game is complete?

A: No, but we’re getting there! There are still lots of bugs that need fixing and also a few even more functions that should be added back to the game. But we’re all set to take the next action and also open our doors to everyone.

Q: How are the servers going to take care of it?

A: We have updated our servers to a brand brand-new architecture to much better serve our prospering populace. We designed this brand-new facilities via a enormous population in mind and suppose it to be a solid style suitable for the following upcoming years. One significant adjust is the introduction of 8 brand-new oceans!