How to get 3d touch on iphone 5s

In this write-up we are introducing a method to permit 3D touch attribute (presented with brand-new iPhone 6 S and also 6 S Plus) in iPhone 6 and also older iPhone versions.

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For that we are utilizing a tweak (ForceTouchActivator Cydia Tweak).

3D Touch is just easily accessible for iPhone 6s which has a new modern technology that steps the press of your finger when in touch through the retina display, bringing even more information. You now have actually a brand-new dimension to press (not just in a arrangement but in depth boosting the press of your finger).


It is just possible with iPhone 6 S and also Plus because these devices are comprised by the adhering to components: after the cover glass these phones are equipped via Retina HD screen 3D Touch, a collection of capacitive pressure sensors and the Taptic Engine.


ForceTouchActivator Cydia Tweak developers are trying to use some Software abilities to simulate the 3D Touch innovation providing a similar experience for older iPhone owners. So, here it is a perfect instance of just how exceptional jailbreaking is. Using a simple tweak, any jailbroken iPhone owner will have the ability to activate 3D touch “Mimic” on an older iPhone version.

It is not the exact same function that iPhone 6 S and also Plus administer bereason older iPhones don’t have the hardware associated to 3D Touch technology yet is an exciting emulation that brings a brand-new touch mimic experience.

ForceTouchActivator Installation Instructions

Before relocating forward you must make sure you have actually Cydia mounted in your tool. You deserve to learn about reading our articles associated with jailbreaking.

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Open Cydia > Tap “Search” > Type “ForceTouchActivator” in the search bar > Go to installation process.


After having actually ForceTouchActivator Cydia installed on your older jailbroken iPhone:

Go to “Settings” > Activator. Here you have actually some options favor wright here Activator will certainly be allowed. The Menus (Manage tradition Activator menus), the Blacklist (Ignore occasions in particular applications).

Scrolling dvery own you’ll have additionally more settings namely, accessibility to “ForceTouch”. With ForceTouch, once firmly pushing everywhere on the display screen will certainly invoke and the activity can be customized.

For instance you have the right to create a message, a social post or any kind of various other action when you usage the Force Touch. We recommfinish you to try to roll your finger that will increase the radius of your finger and also it works good via the tweak.

Some words about this tweak

If iPhone 6 S and 6 S Plus have actually brand-new components on the retina display that permit 3D Touch modern technology exactly how is it feasible that a tweak does the very same thing? Actually it does not the exact same thing. Apple iPhone 6 S has actually a push / pressure sensor and also an excellent brand-new experience of peek and pop to multi poignant display screens innovation.

The tweak only work through the location that is spanned by your finger. So, it is an amazing tweak but it is much from functioning excellent as the Apple 3D Touch.

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You may also be interested in exactly how to permit Live Photos iPhone 6 S on Older Devices (Live Photos in older devices with jailbreak tweak is extremely equivalent to the original attribute introduced by Apple – we recommfinish to read).