How to fix ipod charging port

I have actually an iPod Classic (160gb) and also have had actually an problem through the charging port lately. I have it consistently plugged right into my Kentimber radio in my vehicle through an official Kenlumber cable.

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Occasionally the iPod would certainly shed it"s link, and if I jiggled the cord, it would certainly reattach.

Now, it will not affix in my automobile at all. I tried 2 various other cables via the very same result.

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I lugged the iPod in the house to play with it, and it will not charge or anypoint by means of the port. I cleaned the connector through alcohol, and I blew it out through compressed air. No change. What happened?

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Upon closer inspection, there are a few bent pins. I tried a toothpick,. It can"t get them to sit earlier down flat.

VinylAddict, Straighten the pins out the best you can, usage somepoint a tiny stiffer if require be(non metallic), plug in charger and also let sit over night to check out if pins will certainly lay level when removed from charger. No much better in morning may have to remove and rearea port.

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VinylAddict, The charge port/dock connector may be faulty damaged. Look in the charge port for any bent pins and also straighten very carefully through a tooth pick. If port is discovered to be bad/loose/damaged , this is really not a repair for the inexperienced bereason the charge port for your gadget is soldered to the mommy board and also the warm generated can cause better damage if not incredibly cautious. I will write-up a connect to a tear down overview to get you inside the iPod to examine the charge port and will certainly likewise article a video clip attach mirroring what is associated in repairing charge port attached to the board. The last attach is possibly to a new charge port, which you deserve to additionally carry out a search for better pricing maybe if needed. If not wanting to carry out the repair yourself have actually a great computer/cell phone repair shop have a look and also estimate repair. Good luck.