How to fix encryption unsuccessful in android

Note: This overview is geared towards the Samsung Captivate. If you have a different tool, attempt your device"s, or search this thread.

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Are you using ICS and also pulled your phone out of your pocket only to uncover that it had this display screen, saying "Encryption unsuccessful" and also your just option a button that sassist "Reset Phone"? Don"t push it! Try rebooting a few times with your external sdcard out initially. Sometimes that will deal with the concern. If not, take a deep breath and follow the guide below to get your phone usable again:


Here"s the poor news:
Your partitions for /information and /sdcard are no much longer available. Latest news points to a pest in the firmware for the memory card in your phone. ICS uses a new function that does not work effectively with the impacted phones.Good news:I discovered a *workaround* to gain my phone to at leastern work aacquire. Note: You will need to perdevelop measures 9-11 eextremely time you flash a ROM or ROM update, because flashing overwrites the vold.fstab file.

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Here were my measures to gain your phone functioning again:Realize that you may have actually simply lost whatever was on your sdcard and it"s your very own fault. For me, this was acceptance that *I* mounted ICS on my phone and now CWM backups, photos, and more were gone. Once your realization has set in, relocate forward.Acquire an micro SD card that you will certainly put right into your phone. This will certainly contain your new /information partition as well as your new /sdcard partition. I recommfinish at leastern 8GB. If you already have actually a card, backup whatever is currently on your micro SD card - you *WILL LOSE* whatever on this card in the following few measures.

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Boot right into clockjob-related mod, making use of either "adb reboot recovery", or some other combicountry of butlots.Partition your mircosd card via CWM. This will be "advanced" then "Partition SD Card". The first dimension you select will be the dimension of your /data partition. I have a 16GB card and made a decision 2GB for /data. This will leave me with (16GB-2GB) 14GB for /sdcard. You deserve to select a various size if you choose, relying on how substantial you desire your inner information partition to be. Choose 0M for swap. This process will certainly take a few minutes, so save waiting, you impatient jerk. Downfill the latest build of ICS for your phone and put it on your micro SD card. (You have the right to mount it to your computer system at this point in CWM via "mounts and storage" "Mount USB storage") Create a full backup. Just in instance. Put it on a computer system, dropbox, whatever before. Your phone isn"t a safe place for backups. Wipe user data, cache, & device. Now install the ICS package you just put on your card and also reboot. The first boot will certainly take a while, as all first boots perform, however after a while you should be ago in ICS. Exhale (If you"re not exhaling at this allude, write-up something in this thread and I or someone else will certainly assist get you running) Check Settings > Storage and check out if your new /sdcard partition (For me it was about 14GB) reflects up as "USB Storage" or "SD Card" If it"s USB storage, then your micro sd mounted to /sdcard effectively and also you"re done. You have to be able to take a photo and have it conserve. If not... Edit etc/vold.fstab with whatever you usage personally (root traveler for me) and swap routes for /emmc and also /sdcard (the part that starts with /devices/platcreate...). Someanother intelligent than me can probably make this a CWM zip. This step is informing ICS to swap your /sdcard (damaged inner sdcard) and also your /emmc (working exterior sdcard). It will certainly probably look prefer this when you"re done:

# interior sdcard that is no much longer workingdev_mount emmc /mnt/emmc 1 /devices/platform/s3c-sdhci.0/mmc_host/mmc0# outside sdcarddev_mount sdcard /mnt/sdcard auto /devices/platform/s3c-sdhci.2/mmc_host/mmc2
Reboot with your brand-new vold.fstab and inspect your storage amount in ICS and also test your cam (easy test to watch if Android can write to the sdcard). Hopefully currently this is functioning for you.Let me understand if you have any type of questions or (hopefully not) problems!Notes for myself and also devs:ICS is a lot pickier about mounting fileunits, and if it can"t mount /information properly, it assumes it is encrypted. It really isn"t, firing off an misleading encryption message.In ICS and in CWM, when I look at /dev/block/platform/ I only watch s3c-sdhci.2 and s5pc110-onenand also. The s3c-sdhci.0 block is absent entirely. I"m not sure just how to even touch the /information or /sdcard filesystem at *ALL*Oh well.