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18 Sept 2020

1. This site will certainly not work-related effectively if you have actually a "pinned post"!

Tumblr"s recent "pinned post" feature breaks this webwebsite. When the website "checks" your blog and also sees the first write-up is days or weeks old, it assumes you haven"t posted anything now, as tumblr write-ups are "always" in chronological order.

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Other details is correct, however the write-up limit itself will say zero. I might be able to come up with a workapproximately, but for currently, just "unpin" your article if you desire this website to work

2. If the site states "blog does not exist", you may have your blog set to personal (i.e. "hidden")

This webwebsite cannot work if your blog is inacessible. I strongly imply you turn off this feature.

It has no effect on anyone making use of the application. For web individuals it"s simply annoying, as you have actually no layout (even if you collection one). You have no archive either. Your blog appears in a tiny annoying dashboard home window just.

To fix the "hidden" setting, your blog, do either of the following:

On the app: Hit the perchild icon thing on the bottom, the equipment on the top, then go to “visibility” and revolve off that switch that claims “hide “ On a PC: Click the person" icon thing, then “Settings”, then select the blog name under “blogs”, then scroll down to “visibility” and rotate off the switch that says “hide “ This is a twin purpose utility.

It will certainly inspect how many type of articles you"ve made given that the last post-limit reset.

It will then tell you just how many type of you have left, and also exactly how long until that number resets aacquire.

Note: If you"ve deleted any type of write-ups now, answered asks, or posted to any type of sideblogs you have actually fewer left than shown!

For details, check out limitations.


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It likewise offers you a bunch of information around anyone"s blog you"re curious around.

- Anna

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