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How deserve to I be a drag queen I’m a transsex ftm pre shift and also I wanna be a drag king. I already wear boy-ish clothes and have actually short-ish hair but I desire to know what to wear and also how to look and act and also what make up I require and exactly how to usage it and also just how to develop facial hair so please aid.
Hieee! So, I"m Brazilian and I don"t sheight english that well, so, sorry. But anymethod, I constantly wanted to execute drag and also following month I"ll be cosplaying Dionysus. My school is making a project and also my class gained Greece (yey!). My real doubt right here is how perform I "hide" my boobs? I can"t wear sports bra because of my outfit, so I was thinking around duct tape or something prefer that. Is it negative to me? I"ll execute drag for choose... 3-5 hours. And my hair is curly and also medium-lengthy, so I was reasoning about just how can I make it shorter, like Dionysus, without buying wigs. Can you aid me? Thanks :)
Tuesday, November 17th, 2015
6:56 pm

Just founding again Ok so I"ve done drag as soon as before yet I don"t recognize exactly how I did. I have actually began to go to drag reflects aobtain lately, simply watching, and also it has actually made me want to provide it a try aacquire...thing is that I am not good about several human being, I have actually pretty poor social tension yet I really desire to execute this aobtain.
oooh hunny, some drag king Help!
Hiii! I would favor to be a drag king yet, I need some HELP! I have such a fem confront however, apparently I pass for a guy occasionally (according to my cousin) yet, hun or male, I desire to go extreme! With them angles that you could slice your hand also on.I have these weird puffy cheeks favor I still have actually baby challenge. And I have actually my huge hips and also substantial shoulders though, so that is a help sufficient. But I just want to make my hips go buh bye! I have little masculine eyes though, however I desire that guy liner! So I require some tips via that to not look so feminine. I have actually a peak lip that demands some minimizing and I have a really plush bottom lip that will certainly require a tiny bit of minimizingI likewise need some boob disshowing up magic, however through a budgain, understand what I am saying? I really desire that pec look. One of my breasts is favor, a very tiny B or a largish A. The other one is a mid B or perhaps a little C. So, I require a minizier because I wanna look prefer a surfer boy!My kind of man, ungh, that would be a classy gay boy. Or a french art student, given that I resided in France for a while. Maybe a little classy emo, through the entirety black safety and security pin chain tie and also dress shirt. I wanna be manly, classy, however honey, I wanna be fabulous! All at when. I wanna keep my gay flair (yes I am a woguy however, I think I was meant to be a gay guy, jesus!). And simply to be clear, I am comfy in my female skin, however that does not suppose I don"t wanna shot out being a drag king!Au revoir
Thursday, November 7th, 2013
7:07 pm

Any tips for a total beginner via saggy boobs and also tiny hands? I"m Brazilian and I"m gonna be taking a drag workshop in the finish of November. I do not intend to perdevelop consistently, just discover my masculine side in this workshop and also come up via some fun number to entertain friends in parties. The thing is that the perchild offering the workshop was very recommended and she shelp she"s studiying tips for drag monarchs and also faux monarchs, however she"s a drag queen, and this will be her (and MY) first endure through this, so I do not wanna go right into this point entirely in the dark. My primary issue is that I have actually exceptionally big breasts, however I"ve been analysis tips on this, so I"m not expecting you to go tstormy the trouble of explaining me stuff I can uncover on Google. But I execute hope you have the right to provide me some idea on just how to work with these two problems: First, they"re not specifically perky. So it"s not just a matter of making them flat, there"s likewise the difficulty of not letting them "fall", if you recognize what I expect. Also, my best breaSt is bigger than my left one, I do not recognize if this is gonna be a trouble (I recognize, one is always bigger, but if I wear a bikini, for instance, anyone have the right to tell the diference). I"m not gonna buy a binder cause these are not that basic to discover right here and also I"m not planning on performing on a consistent basis, so I don"t think it"s worth it. I am reasoning around buying a sports bra, though. I"m going for a "gentleman" type (think Mr White from Reservoir Dogs, which happens to be my profile pic, or Leonard Cohen - I know, lipsycing I"m Your Man is a complete cliché, but you gotta respect the classics) so I"m planning on wearing a hat. I think that will additionally help via hiding my lengthy hair and also making it look short. Tips on exactly how to divert attention from exactly how tiny my hands are would certainly likewise be apreciated. It can seem favor a tiny point (no pun intended) but world freaking talk about how little they are, and also they"ll currently need all the suspension of disbelief they can acquire, me being a noob and also all. I"m thinking given that I"m going for the gentlemale point, I can go all out and also wear gloves and also have a cane.
Friday, October fourth, 2013
5:07 pm

Tutorial: Faking short hair I uncovered a tutorial that appeared choose it could be really useful for part-time majesties and various other folks. How to look choose you have actually brief hair, also if you have long hair.
Friday, September 28th, 2012
1:30 am
Facial hair tutorial - 5 O"Clock shadow...

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This is a base for 5 o"clock shadow, individual styling is as much as you...
Wednesday, September 26th, 2012
2:09 pm
Hey everyone! This isn"t a tutorial, however it dawned on me that I never did an arrival, possibly one or two tips in there, yet an announcement that I"ll be posting some costuming tutorials for performing drag kings/MI"s. If you"re on youtube would love to watch some new subscribers.
Some even more video tutorials...
The Do"s and Don"ts of being a king/Male Illusionist. Some quick make up tips to finish the male illusion. This one is mainly safety and security tips about binding. Keep the comments coming..any type of various other drag associated topics you want to view comment, or sfinish me a message.
Heya! New king in town!
How progressed are you as a drag king? Are you just founding out, or have actually you been doing this for years? Do you have actually any kind of endure via theatrical makeup, or other skills that you think could be worth mentioning?Although I love crossdressing, I'm a total newbie at it, having actually lived with my paleas till now...So I have actually no valuable suffer whatsoever, apart from trying my brother's apparel on :( But I intend to readjust that as quickly as possible...Do you think about yourself transgendered, or is this simply even more of a fun hobby for you? Do you take into consideration yourself a gay male, a lesbian through a distinction, a hetero lady who likes to play dress up, or what the heck?Difficult question...I really don't feel transgendered, nor a completely hetero lady through a hobby... I guess simply a bisex-related via a passion around crossdressing.What kind of male do you aspire to be? Are they any stock "types" you discover particularly attractive? Rock star, hard biker dude, preppy, businessmale, etc.? Describe your right male self, either in fantasy or reality. What draws you to this type?My best male self would be some sort of skater/b-boy, but not incredibly hard... You understand, baggy pants, wife beaters, loose t-shirts... That type of male. At the minute I'm really right into that style, also if as a girl I generally end up dressing smarter than I initially intend to. The the majority of crucial function that I'll struggle to have actually as a male is confidence: very masculine trait, exceptionally hard for me to get...How would you define your mindset towards males in general? Remember, we're talking mainly, right here. Do you adore guys so much you'd choose to be one? Envy them so much you hate them? Wish they'd all go amethod, so you'd have all the pretty girls to yourself? All of these? None of them?I'd pick none of the above discussed... Choosing to be a drag king has actually nothing to execute via my mindset in the direction of men: I favor them in general, as much as I like womales...There are some insufferable specimen of both genders, obviously, however mainly speaking I have actually no choices in between the two genders.Will you be able to short article photos? I won't ask you to short article constant pics, yet some photos really help when it comes to providing advice.Sure, the only trouble being that most more than likely I'll end up looking favor crap, being among the less photogenic civilization... yet to gain advice (and also maybe eventually to hand also it out) I'll post them!What are your ultimate purposes as a king? Do you hope to perform onstage? Live full time as a male?Hm, not aspiring to live permanent as a male... My nearest goal is to have the ability to go out as a male without people noticing anypoint.To have the ability to perform, even in the smallest of bars would be really a dream come true.
Video Tutorials
I"m going to be posting some brand-new videos shortly, yet I"d prefer to hear from you all on what you"d choose advice on. The next video will certainly be on applying makeapproximately contour and show up even more masculine.
Facial hair 101
Some very fundamental tips for using facial hair for kings/MI"s just starting out. Also some suggestions for those who wish to perdevelop in drag.Some exceptionally standard tips for using facial hair, and some suggestions to those who want to perform in drag.
I have actually been thinking of binding, flip flopping on the topic bereason I"m not sure which strategy is the finest and also more importantly the safest. I have heard horror stories from civilization that binded too tightly, I lean more toward not obtaining the ideal look (level favor a cis guy) however the safest way to accomplish a chest that looks choose a cis hefty guy"s chest - since I"m a chub with full C cup breasts I understand gaining flat is not going to occur however having actually a look more in line through a heavyset cis male would be *my* right. I"m not interested in binding eexceptionally day, just as soon as I feel the require or desire for it (if that little bit tidlittle helps in any type of way) - Any advice would certainly be substantially appreciated?
Hey kings/MI"s, bois, and also crossdressers alike!
It"s been forever before and also a day considering that I posted in here! I just started utilizing my LJ aobtain newly and was looking to see if anyone still used this team. I"ve been perdeveloping currently for 5 and a fifty percent years, and just desire to say if you"re new and you need any tips or advice on doing drag, performing, or anything related, I"m always happy to assist. It"s not simple for kings/MI"s in the drag scene...in some areas. People tend to check out drag as majesties and also only majesties. Which simply implies we need to work a tiny harder to get the exact same notariety as our sisters. So, feel totally free to hit me up here, or on facebook I deserve to be discovered Terri Chance Roberti. Current Mood: busy
Hello to all my beloved Kings. I don't have the time these days to lavish this community with the attention it deserves, but I'm breaking radio silence to post this amazing tutorial by Dope2111, a beautiful, incredibly femme Oriental lady who offers makeup to transdevelop herself right into Drake, that is supposedly some sort of devastating hip-hop person. (I'm old sufficient now that I no much longer need to pretend to treatment around that stuff.) Let's just put aside the weird social concerns below (Does it count as blackchallenge if an Oriental perkid is doing it, and also she doesn't actually make her confront darker?) and admire the illusion she achieves. She also transforms herself into Johnny Depp and also weird Avatar cat monsters and all sorts of other civilization and things. I know many Kings hate the incredibly principle of wearing makeup, but this video mirrors you just how you have the right to actually use the devices of pretty ladyhood to make yourself right into a manlier man.
Hello,Does anyone still usage this community? I"m brand-new to everything. Thinking that I really desire to be acomponent of it all but I would love to talk via emperors who have done it a while. See if I have what it takes or if I"m just dreaming.
Salutations! I couldn"t come up through a much more pretentious greeting if I tried. My name is Cyrus, or that is the male name that I go by.I am reasonably brand-new to all of this when it concerns drag king-ing. While Ihave been interested in it for years, Ihave actually simply recently relocated out of my dad"s residence and thusly been able to pick up on it. Both me and also my substantial other are crossdressers (I am female to male and he is male to female). I would certainly simply love to satisfy some various other people prefer me who Ihave the right to talk to around this kind of point. I would certainly likewise love any kind of advice anyone hregarding offer as soon as it pertains to showing up male. I have actually binding down pretty well. Packing is a slight even more difficult to grasp and facial hair is my mortal enemy - yet Iam discovering.

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I haven"t started drag yet. I need a bit of aid... Hello!So, I"ve been interested in drag for a lengthy time, but have actually never before had actually the chance or confidence to attempt it appropriately (the closest I"ve been to drag is binding my chest and going to a Grease themed party as Danny...) so I was looking for some aid.I"m a Glee fan (do not judge meeeee), and for a while now I"ve been told by fans and non-fans that I look similar to Kurt Hummel, so I"ve based my drag persona off of him. There"s only one trouble, though.No facial hair.I"ve been asked to be a component of a Glee-esque photoshoot as my Kurt persona, and would certainly absolutely love to do it, however I have actually no principle how to make my face look masculine without including facial hair. While the actor, Chris Colfer, is slightly feminine (even more androgynous, I guess), it"s not enough for me to ssuggest cross-dress and be done through it.I was wondering if tright here are any kind of tricks to make my confront look more masculine? Thank you in breakthrough :)
Hey all newbie here
I simply freshly began delving right into drag and love it. I feel choose I get to really be me. Even though the assumed of perdeveloping on a phase makes me nervous I still would certainly prefer to obtain right into drag even if it"s simply for me and also my girlfrifinish. (Wondering if I pass or notCollapse) Current Mood: creative
Newbie post Hi all,I see the community isn"t terribly active lately, yet tright here seem to be at leastern a couple stalwart LJ users still paying attention to it. So I"m new to the drag king point officially. I"ve been struggling with my gender identification for a while, unhappy via having actually to decide in between being either male or female. Recently, I"ve been thinking I shouldn"t need to decide. Sometimes I desire to be female, sometimes I want to be male. For a lengthy time, I believed my boobs would proccasion me from being able to pass as male yet I"ve learned a little about binding. Right now I"m using a back support dealie strapped about my breasts and also squishing them approximately to look appropriate. It helps that I"m overweight, more than likely, bereason I"m sure I simply look like a fat man.I don"t recognize if I"m really going to be a drag king. I love the concept of perdeveloping, yet I"m not sure how to go about gaining right into that best now. For currently, I guess I just desire to try on being male eexceptionally currently and also aget. I did my binding and included some facial hair (using my own hair clippings and also eyelash glue) and also went out grocery shopping now. I was surprised once I didn"t acquire any funny looks, also once I organized a conversation through a cashier (I carry out not have a masculine voice at all).My video camera died simply recently yet I have actually a pair crappy cell phone pics. Any advice would certainly be good. I"m sad around exactly how stubbly my mustache is. (Yay for cutsCollapse)