The High Ponytail via Bangs is a strange but stylish hairstyle that gets eyes swooning at the sight of it. Mostly because of its daring appearance.

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This hairstyle additionally adds more features to your face; for instance making you look taller and also slimmer. Another favorite thing around it is the perfection it brings to eextremely challenge. If you"re interested in making this gorgeous hairstyle, then you"re in the appropriate location. Below are easy procedures to making the high ponytail with bangs.

What you have to make a High Ponytail through Bangs 

Here are the things you need to attain this look: 

Tail Comb.Hairbrush.Wide tooth Comb.Water in a bottle spray.Eco-style Gel.Toothbrush/cutting comb.Extensions (lengthy for ponytail and also short for bangs).Bobby Pins.Rubber band also or any tight hair band also.Edge Control.Needle and also Threview / Hair GlueHair food and/or oils.

How to style the High Ponytail with Bangs

Spray dry areas of hair through water.De-tangle your hair with your fingers.Apply hair oil/food.Use the wide tooth comb to comb out your hair. Split your hair via your tail comb right into two unequal parts; the ""base"" and the ""body"". 

Plait your front base and leave out a little hair on the base to act as coverage to make the extensions invisible.Apply eco-styler gel to the sides of the body and also the earlier of your hair.Use the hairbrush to brush your hair into a ponytail.Use the rubber bands or any hairband to tie your hair tightly.Plait the ends of the tightly packed hair. Take your shorter extension and also use it to your plaited base. Clip-ins are simple to attach and also you may not require your tail comb to part any base. However before, if your extension is without clip-ins, the base is necessary for simple attachment. Your hair will also revolve out neater. Comb out the bit hair left at the base in situation you like an invisible look.Trim the ends of your base to provide a sharper look. 

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to make the high ponytail via bangs:

Different means to style a ponytail with bangs

1. Ponytail via swoop bangs


Gather up the hair into a low side ponytail and also then slick your bangs to the side too. This hairstyle have the right to produce a slimmer look for your face. 

2. High ponytail through side brushed up bangs


This is another means to style your side bangs by sweeping your bangs to the sides they naturally autumn and gathering the remainder of the hair into a high ponytail.

3. Ponytail via long bangs


Long bangs grazing your cheeks is chic way to style your ponytails. They are simple to style and give you a softer look. 

4. High ponytail with blunt bangs


Blunt bangs always have a method to provide off a stylish yet edgy look. The high ponytail with blunt bangs is a mix of brief bangs framing the forehead, and lengthy bangs at the cheeks. With this style, you deserve to produce the illusion of a smaller forehead. 

5. Ponytail via loose curly bangs

Beachy waves for your bangs deserve to switch up your ponytail look. Just curl your bangs a small and also obtain an easy go to look. 

6. Sleek ponytail through thick bangs

Add additional volume to your bangs to develop a thick look. This is a classy look and great for formal occasions.

7. Genie ponytail with bangs

Placed your hair into a high ponytail that sits on the crown of your head and also add some extensions to produce some bangs. 

8. Half pony via parted bangs

This is a perfect messy hairstyle. Use curly extensions for your ponytail, area fifty percent of the hair into a ponytail and also then part your bangs in the middle for a last look. 

9. Ponytail through split bangs

For this hairstyle, the bangs are fewer, are the exact same length of the forehead and also complement the confront shape. If you don"t choose thick bangs, this look is great for you.

10. Two ponytails with bangs


This hairstyle is a simple day-to-day look that calls for bit styling. Part your hair into 2 and tie them into two ponytails, then take out some hair and also make your bangs.

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