I witnessed a three-strand also twists tutorial for the initially time around 5 years back. At first, I was majorly confused. 3 Strand Twists? You expect braids, right? But no… Its really a twist with 3 individual pieces of hair that intertwine approximately each other; to develop one twist (See even more images below). Its incredibly similar to two-strand also twists once it concerns technique. Instead of tiny waves, your hair is collection in even more of a spiral curl look. It boosts your organic curl pattern. This is a perfect style for those entirely organic or transitioning (simply include a hair roller at the finish to keep hair from unraveling). A constant tutorial really doesn’t do it any justice, watch this tutorial through 3 different color strings.

In the start I couldn’t really wrap my head approximately this hairstyle. But to my surpclimb it really isn’t challenging at all. If you understand how to brhelp or twist, you will capture on fairly fast.

Here’s my step-by-step overview to 3-Strand Twists

Detangle Your Hair Throughly

You deserve to style in bigger sections via this style however make sure your hair is thapproximately detangled. I constantly store my hair in a minimum of 4 sections. This provides my life simpler. I detangled each section in the shower with a wide tooth comb. Aside from detangling, I do the L.O.C approach on damp hair, via my coconut-olive oil mix, and whatever rinse-out or deep conditioner I’m making use of at the moment.

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A Leave-In Ensures Frizz Control & Add Moisture

If you have my 10 Step Guide To Winter Hair Care, you currently understand your leave-in conditioner is important to retaining moisture. Frizz regulate is an included bonus of your leave-in conditioner. When I’m not making use of Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea Leave-In Conditioner, I have Earth’s Nectar Coconut Curls on hand also. My herbal hair has actually a high porosity, so I execute the L.O.C approach in the shower and prior to styling. It goes prefer this: use water-based leave-in, oil and cream (styling product) from ends to roots. My hair remains moisturized much longer. Its soft and also well-identified.

Use a Styling Product With Hold


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