How to delete wunderlist account

Wunderlist is an easy application to store your to do’s in 1 area. But once you’re done making use of it, you might be considering to close your account.

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In that situation, you’ll alert that you can’t rerelocate your account within the app. You have the right to just carry out that in the Setups of your account on, as you’ll check out below:

 1  Open

and sign in to your account by entering your email and password.

 2  Click on your name and also choose Account settings in the drop-dvery own menu


 3  Scroll dvery own the Account settings web page and also you’ll check out a Delete account button


 4  Last step: Type in your password and also the words ‘I am sure’

and also hit the Remove button when you’re prepared to leave.

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 ✅  Result

You’ll be redirect to the homepage and your account has been rerelocated.

You’re complimentary currently to delete the app itself from your iOs or Android gadget.

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