How to delete ringtones from iphone 4

As of iTunes 12.7, now advises manually including tradition ringtones to iPhone per their support short article here."s instruction is to drag and also drop tones from Finder to the "Tones" area of my device in iTunes. This method works to add tones to my phone. However before, I can"t discern just how to remove ringtones from my phone.

I"ve tried clicking the tones in iTunes and pushing delete, without and also via miscellaneous modifier keys. I"ve checked the contextual food selection under control-click (right-click) of the tones in iTunes. I"ve tried dragging the tones out of iTunes. I"ve poked about in iPhone settings and also iTunes menubar and prefs. I"ve tried deleting files from my Mac at ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Tones/ and also re-syncing my iPhone.

Any further ideas? Thank you.


If you tick package "Manually manage music and also videos", and also click the "Apply" button, you"ll have the ability to select a ringtone from your gadget (in iTunes) and hit your delete vital (you"ll be motivated for a confirmation to delete the file).

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In iTunes on the computer system.

Select the DeviceSelect SummaryCheck package beside Manually control music and videos.Select Apply

Now you have to have the ability to delete ringtones using iTunes.

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Actually, there is no Tone tab in iTunes 12.7, yet it still on your iPhone, so you can still use it to delete ringtones from your iPhone directly. Here are the steps:

Open iTunes and attach your iPhone.Click on the Device.Scroll down and also click on Tones.Select a ringtone, appropriate click and select Delete from Library.

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The answer is that it"s difficult to rerelocate them from your phone bereason any ringtones that existed on your phone after you updated to iTunes 12.7 appear to be inobtainable. They do not present up in iTunes in the "Tones" folder, so they deserve to not be deleted. Even using the approaches defined over, turning on "manually control music", restarting, syncing, etc.

Catalina and iOS 13

As of (and probably before, I"m not sure) macOS Catalina and iOS 13, tright here is no much longer any type of iTunes app, so I know this answer does not specifically apply to the OP"s question, however for those like me that uncovered this question trying to find an answer on how to delete tradition ringtones from an iPhone under iOS 13:

On your iPhone:

Open SettingsGo to Sounds ➡️ RingtoneScroll to view the ringtone you desire to delete under "RINGTONES"Swipe left on the ringtone you want to delete, a "Delete" switch appears on the rightPress the delete button
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