How to delete multiple bookmarks

Google Chrome is among the the majority of popular web browsers bereason it is quick and trustworthy however likewise bereason Google has actually done a great job of marketing it.

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The Chrome internet internet browser does an excellent task of permitting its customers to sync miscellaneous devices used by the exact same account, allowing users to usage the very same bookmarks, looking history, autofill data, and also assorted various other logs across multiple tools.

This synching attribute is convenient and beneficial, but, it might reason the account profile to become cluttered with so many bookmarks that you soptimal utilizing the bookmarks function. When that happens, sometimes it’s ideal to just clear out the clutter and start fresh.

Luckily, Chrome supplies a couple of ways to clear out your bookmarks.

Delete Bookmarks One-by-One from the Bookmarks Bar

Sometimes you simply want to rerelocate some bookmarks from your bookmarks bar:

Right-click the bookmark on the bookmarks bar.Select Delete from the context menu.


That information is found in the bookmarks.bak file under User DataDefault. If you adjust the expansion of the .bak file to .old, you can be able to recuperate your freshly deleted bookmarks.

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How to Delete the Bookmarks Folder in macOS

If you feel comfortable with the command line, you deserve to speak to up Terminal and also go the adhering to catalog in your user account.

$ cd ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/

Then rerelocate the Bookmarks file with this command:

$ rm Bookmarks

Then following time you open up Chrome, there will be no bookmarks and you have the right to start fresh. Add your first booknote to get began. If you go back to ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/ you’ll notice that the Bookmarks file’s been reproduced. You have the right to delete it aget in the future if your bookmarks obtain also cluttered and also you want a fresh begin.

A Final Thought

Deleting the bookmarks file is a fairly drastic measure. If you’re came to that your list of bookmarks has actually obtained also huge to control, deleting every little thing might not always be a great concept. You might likewise lose vital shortcuts to pages that might take a long time to discover later on.

Sometimes deleting bookmarks one by one is much better even if it takes longer. Keep in mind that a lengthy list of bookmarks doesn’t drain as many kind of resources as having actually as well many cached video documents and cookies conserved on your account.

Of course, if you want to be most efficient, it’d be best to organize all your bookmarks into particular folders and perform so via all new bookmarks as shortly as you save them.

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If you have actually any tips and tricks for removing or arranging bookmarks, please leave us a comment below!