How to delete movies from mac hard drive

Save room by storing your content in iCloud or utilizing built-in tools to uncover and rerelocate large or unessential papers.

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Optimized Storage helps you save storage space area by storing your content iniCloud and also making it accessible on demand:

When storage room is needed, papers, photos, movies, email attachments, and also various other papers that you seldom usage are stored iniCloud automatically.Each file stays appropriate where you last saved it, and downloads as soon as you open up it.Files that you’ve provided freshly reprimary on your Mac, along with optimized versions of your photos.

If you haven"t yet upgraded to macOS Sierra or later on,learn around various other ways to complimentary up storage room.

Choose menu  > About This Mac, then click Storage. Each segment of the bar is an estimate of the storage room provided by a category of records. Move your reminder over each segment for more information.


Click the Manage button toopen up the Storage Management window, pictured below.

The Storage Management window supplies references for optimizing your storage. If some references are already turned on, you will watch fewer referrals.



Click the Store in iCloud switch, then select from these options:

Storing files in iCloud supplies the storage area in your iCloud storage setup. If you reach or exceed your iCloud storage limit, you deserve to either buy more iCloud storageor make more iCloud storage available. iCloud storage starts at 50GB for $0.99 (USD) a month, and also you can purchase added storage straight from your gadget. Discover even more around prices in your region.


Click the Optimize switch to save area by automatically rerelocating watched movies and also TV shows.When storage room is required,movies or TV shows that you purchased from and already watched are removed from your Mac. Click thedownfill icon

beside a movie or TV show to download it aacquire.

Your Mac will certainly also conserve area by maintaining just current email attachments on this Mac when storage area is essential.You have the right to manually downfill any type of attachments at any time by opening the email or attachment, or saving the attachment to your Mac.

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Optimizing storage for movies, TV shows, and email attachments doesn"t require iCloud storage space.


Empty Trash Automatically permanently deletes records that have been in the Trash for more than 30 days.


Reduce Clutter helps you identify large papers and documents you could no much longer require. Click the Rewatch Files button, then pick any type of of the file categories in the sidebar, such as Applications, Documents, Music Creation, or Trash.

You have the right to delete the papers in some categories straight from this home window. Other categories display the total storage area offered by the files in each application. You have the right to then open the application and decide whether to delete papers from within it.

Learn how to redownfill apps, music, movies, TV mirrors, and also books.


The switch for each referral in the Storage Management windowaffects one or even more settings in various other apps. You deserve to likewise manage those settings straight within each app.

Store in iCloud

If you"re using macOSMojave or earlier, choose food selection > System Preferrals, click iCloud, then click Options next to iCloud Drive. Store in iCloud turns on the Deskpeak & Documents Folders and also Optimize Mac Storage settings.In Messperiods, choose Messeras > Precommendations, then click iPost. Store in iCloud selects Enable Messeras in iCloud.

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Optimize Storage

If you"re utilizing macOS Catalina or later, open up the TV application, pick TV > Preferrals from the menu bar, then click Files. Optimize Storage selects“Automatically delete watched movies and TV reflects.”In you"re using macOS Mojave or previously,open iTunes, choose iTunes > Preferences from the food selection bar, then click State-of-the-art.Optimize Storage selects “Automatically delete watched movies and TV shows.”In Mail, select Mail > Preferrals from the food selection bar, then click Accounts. In the Account Information area on the best,Optimize Storagesets the Downfill Attachments food selection to either Recent or None.

Empty Trash Automatically: From the Finder, choose Finder > Precommendations, then click Modern. Empty Trash Automaticallyselects “Remove items from the Trash after 30 days.”

With macOS Sierra or later on, your Mac automatically takes these extra measures to save storage space:

Detects duplicate downlots in Safari, maintaining just the many recent variation of the downloadReminds you to delete used application installersRemoves old fonts, languages, and dictionaries that aren"t being usedClears caches, logs, and various other unnecessary data when storage room is needed

Even without making use of the Optimized Storage features explained in this article, you can take other measures to make more storage space available: