How to delete folder without deleting its contents

Let’s say I have “My Documents” Inside that folder I have actually a secondary folder dubbed “Additional Documents.” I want the contents in the subfolder to simply reside in “My Documents” without an additional level. How do I do that? In the previous, I would certainly just copy the contents, then delete the folder (or ‘cut’ as opposed to copy), yet is tright here a way to simply delete the folder and have the contents simply “rise up?”

You choose the records, move them up a level, and delete the folder. I’d be surprised if tbelow was a one action solution that wasn’t just developed by someone via a one-of-a-kind need for that operation.

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You have the right to develop a regisattempt vital that offers an option in the context menu. When you best click the folder the alternative would display in the list. the regisattempt crucial will certainly point to a batch file. Do some research study on batch file scripts and the context menu in Windows.

I don’t think tright here can be a solitary action variation of the process, bereason two unique things are happening in the file device ; a change to the power structure and a deletion.

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The documents themselves most likely never move (in terms of their physical place on the platters), but 2 various things are happening to the allocation table/catalog/whatever

Ok, many thanks. So it’s not any option that I’ve simply overlooked. I don’t feel rather so dumb, now.



Back in the days when Real Men provided Real Computers and also did everything through command also lines on text-based terminals instead of new-fangled GUIs, it would certainly have actually been more evident what’s really happening behind the scenes.

Which is that the procedure of moving records from one directory to an additional on the very same logical drive (consisting of popping records up one catalog level as per the OP’s request) is actually a “rename” attribute. No records are actually moved, all that happens is that file pointers get readjusted, so that files automagically show up in the preferred new folder. The very same way that a rename have the right to adjust a file’s name, a rename can additionally readjust its pointers and for this reason its parent magazine.

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This becomes a little bit more obfuscated as soon as using a GUI, but Windows is smart enough to know that a cut-and-paste from one folder to one more in the very same partition is actually just a rename, which is why it’s basically instantaneous no matter just how huge the file(s). So the means to pop files up right into the higher-level directory is a cut-and-paste, either clearly or using drag-and-drop if you prefer, and then delete the empty brochure. I always execute an explicit cut-and-paste just out of habit.