How to delete alipay account

I want to rerelocate my payment method and also rerelocate my account. Please let me understand exactly how deserve to I carry out this.Thanks,Chris

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1. Sorry that you can't remove your account.2. If you have included more than 1 credit card, then you rerelocate the extra crmodify cards. But you must have actually at least one crmodify card via account of alibaba cloud.Sorry for any inconvenience and also many thanks for your expertise.
Once I sign up for the business, I must consent to the terms and also problems. If I cannot rerelocate my account, it indicates I make an agreement for life. How it that possible? Imagine someone breaks right into my account and also geneprices a really high bill. What then? I own the account so I need to pay it?
macoo:Once I authorize up for the organization, I have to consent to the terms and also problems. If I cannot remove my account, it suggests I ma...回到原帖 Has anyone able to rerelocate the trial account payment information? I am so glad I did not put my crmodify card account for this.

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Dear customers, many thanks for your feedback, we are on the way of addressing this problem, sorry for any kind of inconvenience caused! Pls be mindful that there won't be any charge after you delete your cloud sources, and also if you don't recognize exactly how to set this, you may call our post-service by cutting a job-related order in your consingle. thanks!
I am a brand-new user and also reasoning of signing up for services. In reading the forum, I check out multiple threads of these type of frustrations. This is a little bit of a worry. Should I continue signing up for services?
this is a trouble for Alibaba Cloud, specifically Alibaba monitoring. It's wrong to set these form of unreasonable plan.they deliberately disenable removing account and also removing payment method. if you have actually no impressive payment or business, you have to be permitted to rerelocate your last payment strategy and account entirely.But, they set the rules so now your just alternative is to watch your credit cards and also make sure there's no accidental charge.I am currently stuck in limbo because I can't delete my account nor my payment.this is a devastating policy. I indicate anyone in search of cloud organization to look to use Azure cloud instead.
Cloudy:Dear customers, many thanks for your feedago, we are on the method of resolving this problem, sorry for any inconvenience caused!...回到原帖 Any news on solution to remove creditcard details from the account? Sorry to say, yet it suprised me that you can not rerelocate credit card information nor delete my entirety trial account. The just way to encertain that creditcard info not goes to wrong hands in this case is to cancel the crmodify card?

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Could you please login console and create a ticket to after sales department to gain even more information?