How to delete a group chat on kik

Kik is just one of the best means to chat with friends and various other human being without having actually to provide out your individual indevelopment. 150 million people use Kik nearly every day.

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Kik is good, yet what if you desire to delete some of your information on Kik? What if you want to delete some of your Kik messperiods for privacy involves and various other reasons? What carry out you do? In this post, I’ll show you exactly how to delete Kik messeras and also chats easily and also properly.

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What are Kik Messages?

Kik messperiods are ssuggest an additional means of referring to the instant messages that you can send on Kik for complimentary. You have the right to sfinish photos and text messages and also other content on Kik to your Kik friends and also deserve to also browse the built-in internet browser from within a conversation. Kik messperiods are organized into conversations, like threads. You deserve to have a Kik chat through one perboy or you deserve to connect in a Kik chat via a team of civilization, like a group chat. It’s all cost-free and easy. When you sfinish a message and also someone responds, it becomes a Kik conversation or Kik chat.

What are Kik Chats?

Kik chats are another way of saying the conversation you have actually with your Kik friends acomponent from singular messeras. A group of messages sent out earlier and also forth becomes a Kik chat. You deserve to communicate in a Kik chat with one perkid, or via a team of your Kik friends.


Why Delete Kik Messperiods and also Chats?

Kik messperiods and chats seem great, right? Why would certainly anyone want to delete them? Well, tbelow are many type of factors why someone might desire to delete their Kik messages. One is that you could want to safeguard sensitive indevelopment. As a ascendancy of thumb, it’s not smart to sfinish essential personal indevelopment or content via an application like Kik. However, sometimes it’s necessary – favor a phone number or a photo of children. Well, you may not want that picture sitting tbelow in Kik people longer than necessary, so you may desire to delete the Kik chat. Also, you might just not want evidence of your Kik chat on your application or phone, simply in situation someone gets a host of your phone.

How to Delete Kik Messeras and Chats


You can’t delete individual Kik messages and content that you’ve sent out or received. However before, you have the right to delete Kik chats and also conversations for both individuals and also for groups. If you delete a group Kik chat, then you’ll be leaving the team. Here’s just how you perform these things:

On most phones (iPhone, Android, Windows, and also similar), choose the conversation you want to delete then swipe to delete the conversation (iPhone). If you’re on Android or Windows, choose and host down the conversation, then tap “delete conversation.”

If you’re utilizing BlackBerry, you have actually a few more steps:

Select the conversation.

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Click Delete on your physical keypad in the height right corner.Select “delete conversation.”Press “yes.”

Are My Kik Messages and Chats Gone Forever?

This is a huge question that is totally valid. When you delete your Kik messages and chats, it’s straightforward to think that your messeras are gone forever – and they are gone from your app on your tool. However, if you forgot to save and write down the relevant indevelopment, you’re in luck. Just talk to the perboy who you were chatting via and see if they still have the Kik messperiods. Just because you delete the Kik messperiods doesn’t mean that they disshow up on your friend’s device too. So, if they still have the messages, it’s type of favor a back up and also they can re-sfinish you the messeras or content you require.

This is additionally a good factor to not send personal content or indevelopment on Kik because even though you delete them from your gadget, tbelow is no guarantee that those recipients will certainly also delete them.

How to Delete Kik Messperiods and Chats on Kik for PC

If you’re running Kik for COMPUTER and Mac, then you deserve to likewise delete your Kik messages and also chats with ease and simplicity. When you download an Android emulator prefer BlueStacks, Genyactivity, or Andyroid, all it does it create a digital version of your mobile device display on your desktop computer or lapheight. With that in mind, your Kik for PC will job-related simply favor it works on your device, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, or Blackberry. So, if you delete Kik messages and also chats using the BlackBerry strategy, for circumstances, you would delete them on Kik for COMPUTER the very same way. It doesn’t issue if you have actually a PC, Windows 8 or a Mac, OSX. It all depends on your mobile tool.

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These are ways to delete Kik messeras and also chats on your application and on Kik for PC. Remember, that if you want to delete your messeras and also chats, it’s a great principle to write down all the important information that you don’t desire to shed in cyberroom. If you need it aacquire, you have the right to hope that your chat friends still have it on their phones. If you have actually any kind of even more concerns or suggestions, leave a comment below!

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