How to defrag system reserved

Hi to allSorry if this has actually been asked before.When I go to defragment home windows 10. C% drive defrags okay. Volume defrags okay, however System Reoffered continues to be at 61%.If I analyze states 100% defrag goes to 61% ;See attachmentThanks for any reply"s.home windows 10 Pro 64 little upgraded from Victory 7 pro.Cheers

I had actually a similar trouble last week yet with C: partition always proved 41% fragmented and 21 % after optimizing.I fixed the issue by temporarily turning "OFF" C: device restore This permitted me to finish the defrag procedure. To be honest I"ve never before viewed a device reserved partition fragmented

Thanks for your reply Norton.

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Tried but no readjust.Cheers

A System Reoffered partition only contains the Recoincredibly Tools photo and also associated documents. Due to the fact that it is just accessed once recovery operations are invoked or maybe for boot operations, I would suggest you leave it alone.

A System Reserved partition only has the Recoexceptionally Tools photo and also related documents. Due to the fact that it is just accessed when recovery operations are invoked or possibly for boot operations, I would certainly suggest you leave it alone.

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