How to cut videos in lightworks

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Hey everyone.

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I"ve been trying to find a response and also whatever I"ve clicked on is not the solution I am in search of. I videotaped three takes of a music video on one video file. exactly how deserve to I split that file right into 3 sepaprice files so that each separate one acts as its own video in the bins etc??? one frustrated dude right right here.Jay

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just how deserve to I break-up that file right into 3 sepaprice documents so that each separate one acts as its own video in the bins etc???
LW is 100% non disastrous of original clips, so the brief answer is - you cannot do that. As Sgt-Greco claims on the edit timeline you can develop a new modify occasion however that does in no means damage or adjust your original media. If you desire to create sepaprice bits of new media you need LW Pro to have the ability to render brand-new media from marked area of a clip.

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You can make a subclip from your original media by noting & parking a area and also then, from the cogs menu or by ideal clicking in the middle of the viewer, picking Make:Subclip
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You may find the Storyboarding & Subclips video tutorial helpful. Lightworks v12 Video the "Viewers" area.
Thanks men. I acquired it established from your assist and also a tad bit (ok possibly more than a tad) even more looking. I even gained the multi cam point figured out because of it, although my computer system take care of it. I"m utilizing avchd rewrapped to mp4, yet I was told I deserve to lug it right into lightfunctions in mts and also render into a various format instead of transcoding. hopetotally I can uncover somepoint much less taxing on my cpu. many thanks aobtain for the aid guys!
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