How to cut video in lightworks

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Hi, I just began working through LightWorks now, and also encountered my first conundrum. Is tbelow any kind of way to chop footage? I"m trying to update old videos that have actually babsence boxes all the method roughly and am trying to cut them out. Tips?
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Hi, dhauk7424Go to Effetcs../DVETright here you have 5 choices to play with:Position, Scale, Crop, Shadow and Opacity

I did that and also it cropped the video but rather of reflecting the track 2 video, it shows babsence bars. Any idea of just how to present what"s behind?

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Hello,I don"t understand the technical names, however have the right to anyone tell me what the gold and green "borders" intend. I"m guessing they present how much of the video will be shown on particular playago monitors, tvs, etc. If I include to the timeline photos, have to I make sure they are sized dvery own to be within both borders to ascertain they will certainly be totally presented on any kind of playago monitor? And would the very same apply to the video clips I use?Thank for any assist.
The external line is the action safe location, the inner one is the title safe location.No essential activity must be framed exterior the activity safe area, and it"s much better to put the titles inside the title safe area to guarantee that every little thing is going to be visible on a wider selection of devices.
Frandesouza,I like the cropping, however how perform you delete the full crop? All cropping is gone, yet I still have the tiny blue square on the top left of the clip. How do I delete this blue square?V12.6 free
Tbelow are numerous ways to perform this. I"ll list 3. Right click the clip in your timeline and click Effects > Rerelocate. In your effect settings click the red "X" at the top right of the effect you wish to remove. In the video routing display screen ideal click the effect you wish to rerelocate and also click Remove.
nice, yet is there a way to get a much more exact crop? for instance, if I wanted to chop around a head or other circular object
Tbelow are various possibilities:You have the right to work with masks or usage the Wipe result Here is another instance via mask.You deserve to likewise install User Effects.
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