By much the most basic means to cut a padlock is with bolt cutters. After all, that is specifically what they have been designed for. However, most human being do not have bolt cutters sitting approximately. And you may not desire to go out and gain bolt cutters simply for a single padlock.

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Luckily, tright here are other ways you can cut with a padlock. Many type of of these methods are a little more affiliated than a bolt cutter. Tbelow is a factor they were developed, after all. If it was basic to obtain a padlock off without bolt cutters, then bolt cutters wouldn’t be as essential as they are.

Still, many kind of of these choices are doable if you have actually the right tools nearby. In this article, we’ll go over some of the simplest ways to reduced via a padlock without bolt cutters.


1. Use an Angle Grinder

Image Credit: Pawel Michalowski, ShutterstockIf you take place to have actually an angle grinder, you can quickly reduced through a padlock without needing a bolt cutter. You will need a steel cutoff wheel through your angle grinder also, however these are not terribly expensive.

Before you start cutting amethod, though, you will need to wear the correct safety gear. Metal fragments deserve to go flying as soon as you start cutting, so you will should wear safety googles and work gloves. The work gloves need to be resistant to fire and heat, as you need to mean to make sparks while cutting.

Once you have all the important security equipment, you can begin actually cutting. Hold the blade so that it is perpendicular to the lock. Then, you have the right to start gradually cutting. You shouldn’t use as well a lot push. Instead, let the tool carry out all the work for you. If you use too much pressure, you run the threat of accidentally cutting something else, which is most likely the last thing your desire to perform.

2. Use a Dremel


If you don’t have an angle grinder laying about, you have the right to use a Dremel as well. A Dremel with a cutoff wheel is basically the same as an angle grinder, other than that it is smaller sized. This renders it better for tight quarters, wbelow you may not have actually the room for an angle grinder. However before, their smallness does mean that you will spend more time cutting, as they aren’t as powerful and also don’t have actually as a lot surconfront area.

You have to be exceptionally careful once cutting with a Dremel, as there is a high possibility of them breaking. You must use a reinforcement wheel if feasible. Take it very gradually to alleviate any kind of possibility of breaking the wheel.

Of course, wear the correct safety devices as well!

3. Use a Propane Torch and Hacksaw

This is most likely the a lot of impractical method out there. However before, it does work-related. If you don’t have any kind of of the other devices we’ve discussed, then this might be your only option besides purchasing a pair of bolt cutters.

You can’t take a hackwitnessed directly to a padlock. Many padlocks are made through hardened steel to proccasion this specific situation. However, you deserve to warmth up the shackle before you begin cutting, which need to threaten the steel and permit you to reduced through it.

You’ll need a propane torch for this. Simply warmth the area wbelow you setup on cutting until it is glowing and also obviously as warm as you can acquire it. Then, shut off yoru torch and let the lock cool. Once it has actually cooled, you have to have the ability to reduced via it with a hackwitnessed with ease.

You have to wear all the appropriate security gear as soon as doing this cutting. You should wear goggles and working gloves.

4. Use a Cutting Torch

If you have actually an A/O torch, you have the right to absolutely blow through a padlock in only a matter of seconds. This approach is a little bit of an overkill. An A/O torch will certainly absolutely destroy any padlock it comes into contact through. However, if you happen to have actually a torch handy, this is often among the many entertaining ways to acquire with a padlock.

When cutting via an A/O torch, you want to open up your oxygen tank all the way and also your acetylene tank about a quarter of the way. Set the PSI for the oxygen tank at roughly 50 PSI. The acetylene have to be at about 5 PSI. You can adjust this as you see fit once you start actually using the torch.

Now, spark your torch and change the valves appropriately. If you’ve supplied a torch before, then this will most likely be second nature to you. Once the flame is a white cone, you’re all set to reduced via the lock. This can be done simply by relocating the cutting torch over the shackle. It must cut with the lock pretty easily.

5. Use a Hammer

Image Credit: Andrey Novgorodtsev, ShutterstockFor cheap padlocks, you might be able to pry the lock open up via a hammer. This functions ideal for padlocks that are on things, favor cheap luggage locks, for instance. Simply wedge the hammer between the top of the hasp and also the body of the lock. Then pressure it open up making use of the claw-finish of the hammer. If it is a cheap lock that isn’t especially durable, this have to job-related fairly well.

Additionally, take the padlock onto pavement and also bash it repeatedly via the hammer. This obviously isn’t possible if the lock is on a fence or otherwise immoveable. For luggage locks and also comparable padlocks, this alternative is just one of the simplest and also most straightforward.

If none of these options occupational, attempt hitting the non-locking end of the lock with the hammer. This might cause it to spring cost-free or break the locking device outbest.

Hammers are only suitable for cheap padlocks. Most high-top quality choices are made to stand also up versus most of these options. Instead, you’ll have to up the ante with one of the other techniques we pointed out.

6. Use a Shim

If you’re willing to offer it a little of finesse and also patience, you might be able to usage a shim to unlock an inexpensive padlock. A shim is a tiny item of metal that is shaped so you can shove one finish right into the optimal component of the lock, wright here the shackle goes into the locking system. To usage a shim, you insert the thicker part into the body and wiggle it ago and also forth. At some suggest, the lock will spring open and you should have the ability to open the padlock.

This is a fairly straightforward method, yet it does take many patience if you’ve never done it prior to. Watching a couple of YouTube videos is very recommfinished, as it can give you some concept of what you should be doing. This is just one of those points wright here it is much better learned via watching.

7. Lock Picking

Of course, you can always lock pick a padlock also. This can have differing levels of obstacle depending upon the lock. Some might not be specifically difficult at all, while others are almost impossible. Usually, the more expensive your lock, the harder it will certainly be to pick it.

To lock pick, you’ll have to take a stress wrench and area it at the bottom of the keyhole. Then, apply the ideal amount of press to reason the plug to rotate. You don’t want it to rotate a lot – just bacount. Then you can use a pick to press in the initially pin. Just continue to execute this for all the pins in the lock. You’ll most likely must relocate the pin earlier and forth to catch all the pins. Don’t apply as well much push, as this can break the lock.

8. Use a Master Key

Image Credit: PixabayYou may have the ability to purchase a understand vital for your lock. These keys have the right to open up multiple locks inside a home. Basically, there are a couple of master keys for the types of locks. You won’t understand which master essential will certainly open up your padlock until you offer it a shot.

Master tricks are good fail-safes for when you lose yoru main vital. If you want it to open multiple locks within your residence, you will certainly need to ensure that all your locks are compatible with each other. Otherwise, you’ll require multiple grasp keys to unlock whatever.

Master tricks are finest purchased before you need them. However, if your padlock is presently locked, you may be able to find a understand vital to fit it after the fact. This will certainly call for many patience and also might cost you a little bit of money as well. At this allude, it may simply be much better to relocate onto the next alternative.

9. Call a Locksmith

Image Credit: ALPA PROD, ShutterstockIf all else stops working, you might just should speak to a locksmith. You’re most likely analysis this post to stop that exact instance, but sometimes a locksmith is cheaper than purchasing devices to gain the padlock open. If you can’t force it open up with a hammer or a shim and you don’t have actually among the even more advanced tools we’ve disputed, then a locksmith is your finest option.

Locksmiths are experts at opening locks. So, they’re probably better at opening locks than just about anyone. If you’ve tried and tried to open up your lock, a locksmith might be your leastern ditch effort. Many locksmiths will certainly charge in between $50 to $100 to come and also unlock your lock. It counts on the kind of lock you’re taking care of and also what the locksmith demands to carry out to acquire the lock open up to start via.

Often, the locksmith will sindicate bring bolt cutters and rerelocate the lock, replacing it with a brand-new one when they’re done. Conversely, they maybe able to make you a brand-new essential, depending on the lock. Either way, a locksmith is one of the few certain ways to acquire the lock open via little bit effort on your component. Of course, you will need to pay the locksmith



Tbelow are countless ways to obtain a padlock open up without bolt cutters. You deserve to use a variety of devices to break the lock, including a Dremel and also angle grinder. Additionally, you deserve to cut the lock open through a torch or reduced it via a hackobserved. Some cheaper padlocks deserve to be pounded or pried open through a hammer. Which strategy functions ideal for you relies on what abilities and tools you have actually at hand, and the quality of the lock. High-quality locks will be harder to open up than cheap alternatives.

You can also unlock the padlock making use of various other means, such as a shim or lockpick. Both of these require a little of skill and also can vary in obstacle. Many kind of advanced locks have actions in area to make lock picking almost difficult.

If you’ve tried these methods to no avail, you will need to call a locksmith. While this does cost money, it may be your only option in the instance that the lock stays tight no issue what you execute. It is regularly cheaper to hire a locksmith than purchase forced devices yourself, so you may actually conserve some money if you don’t have an angle grinder or torch laying around.

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