How to change your ipod name

i bought it off a frifinish, and i must know just how i change the name? i synced it to my computer system, and also edited it on tbelow however on the gadget it still has the same name as prior to. But whenever before i reattach it to my computer system it has the name that i out on it? please assist me, its type of aggravating haha.

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on the left side of itunes where you see the lists- library , playlist ,gadget , and so on you will watch your ipod symbol and then the name beside it. click the name you desire to change- typing b ox will open. hey presto! name readjust.

The gadget shows up on the left as specified.

On the left of it is a triangle, expand, or unexpand.

On the right of it appears an eject symbol in circle (as soon as mouseover name)

No amount of clicking allows selection of the name.

It just expands & unbroadens the drop-downs of music, audiobooks, ... music somethings, playlists?


I simply want to rename it. :(


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Itoons changed?

nano2G - different?

I have actually never before, ever before, got into the itunes method of reasoning - it is incomprehensible form start to end up.


Thanks for trying.

Any various other suggestions?


I am unable to adjust details the name will not highlight.

I have deleted the music and also various other items making use of itunes.

I wish to sell the nano 5th gen ipod and also desire to clear my details But am unable to perform any kind of of the points argued consisting of reset. I have also uninstalled and also remounted itunes. But nothing works. Id love some aid.

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You have to click the ipod name from the sync page in itunes, not from the major food selection that shows it under tools. Click the little bit ipod icon near the height left of the window, which opens up to display you all the sync options and settings for the nano. When you click the name on the left, it"s editable right here.

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