How to change where you live on facebook

The Facebook sign up procedure is designed to be as rapid as possible, and also gathers the minimum amount of information: the city you live in is not part of the mandatory ones, so you might have to manually include it to your profile in the future. If you move to an additional location, or change the town you live in for other factors, you will likewise desire to modify your account to change your existing city. This tutorial explains exactly how to perform simply that.

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Upday the Current City (not Home Town) on your Facebook profile

If necessary, login to your Facebook account; otherwise, click "Home"Once you are in, click on the "Edit My Profile" linkThe account information screen of your profile will certainly loadThe first text area is referred to as "Current City" - this is wright here you will certainly enter the name of the city in which you are currently living.Click inside the message area, and start typing the name of your city - not to be confused with "Home Town", the city in which you were born, or invested most of your childhood.As quickly as you carry out, Facebook will certainly search for matching city names in the background, and also display these choices inside a dropdown menu:
To readjust your existing city in the future, just click inside that text area and also start deleting the message, kind a new city name, and also then save your transforms as you commonly would.When you view your city show up inside the listing, you can stop typing: click the correct suggestion, and also Facebook will enter it for your profile.

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Note: in the "Current City" area of your profile, Facebook is collecting the city in which you reside; for your birth area, view how you can include, remove, or adjust your house tvery own on Facebook - as a hint, this is done via the text field appropriate below present city!

Rerelocate / delete your Current City from Facebook

To remove and also delete your present city from your Facebook profile, all you have to execute is proceed as shown over, and erase all the text in the city area (or click on the "x" cshed button inside the message field).

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